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Any chance HH could enable RSS feeds for the Location and Servers subforums under Network and Server Status? (or am I missing something?)

It would be nice if I could add these to my feed reader to keep on top of outages and maintenance. I would subscribe by email, but if my location or server is down, that won't do me much good for notification.

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We can look into this , I know IPB has a tool for this in the AdminCP. If we decide to set it up we'll update this forum and let you know.

In our opinion, it's best practice to use an email address that isn't hosted on your account for notifications. That also includes your client area as well. Reason being if your account is suspended or something happens where an account is disabled, we have no way to contact the account owner if their contact email is hosted on the suspended account. Same idea applies here as well you'd be best using a gmail account or something similar, just to avoid the scenario you mentioned in your post.

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