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  1. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    Sweet. I use Google Apps for my emails, so it would be just database/site/files. Would I need to email for the coupon? I can do the purchase now since I'll be gone for a few hours so the migration can possibly be done then? EDIT: Ticket made.
  2. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    Thanks. Let me look over things this weekend. How much is the migration service from SG? Including DB?
  3. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    How long will my personal coupon exist? I don't have to renew on SG until May 2nd.
  4. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    Thanks for the response. If I went with the Pro Shared plan, could I upgrade to semi-dedi later on with same 30% off for life?
  5. I currently run a (very) small gaming community on Siteground, but even then, with all the images I also host unrelated to the site, I'm already at 50% of my 20gb of space. If I expect my Xenforo forum to grow, I will not want to run out of space anytime soon. I got a 30% off for life coupon which I was thinking of using on your Talon Semi-Dedi plan, which would come out to what, $28/mo? (PS, I also love birds of prey, hawks, eagles, velociraptors )