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  1. Refund or cancellation when not hosting and host setup?

    Ok Thanks You Brian
  2. Refund or cancellation when not hosting and host setup?

    Would you please provide me information about my refund to the bank provides. Currently banks are required to repay your papers to check. If you said is beyond your control, then please send me code or refund transactions through the bank so that I checked. Thank you.
  3. Hello ! I have put a hosting on 07/07/2016 day but due to the delay of the Haukhost should have canceled orders. So Haukhost party has said it will refund to me in 7-14 days, but so far has 23 days, but I have not received a refund. Inside you also say is "refunded" but did not give me any information or bill payment, refund certificates. I am very skeptical about the working style of Haukhost have professional or not? Thank you. Thuc Vu
  4. Cancel Hosting

    I haven't received your refund from I cancel hosting at 07/07
  5. Cancel Hosting

    I registed and pay for hosting from 5:00 but now 9:00 and I didn't received active hosting. I want cancel hosting or service. Please help me. Thanks you !