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  1. Install WordPress Without Registered Domain

    Hi there, I received the new account email with the temporary URL but still can't access sub domain. What would the URL structure be if my WordPress install is in a sub directory of the root? I tried putting the sub directory name in after the root then wp-login.php but I get a 404 Not found. Thanks
  2. Install WordPress Without Registered Domain

    Thanks Brian, it has been years since I opened my account and the "New Account Information Email" was sent to somebody else. If I open a ticket can I get it resent to me?
  3. Hi there, I installed WP into a subdomain with the hopes of being able to configure a new blog without having a registered domain to go with it (will add registered domain later). Is this actually possible? Is there a better way to set this up so I can build the blog first? Thanks in advance, Brian
  4. Domain Forwarding

    Great, thanks for the reply!
  5. Domain Forwarding

    Good day, I am considering registering/transferring 3 domain names to HH. The .com is already hosted here. I want to redirect the .net and .org url's to the live .com site. Is there an easy way to do this? I looked through the forums already and didn't see any recent answers. Thanks in advance, Brian
  6. Change WordPress Directory

    Well, that was a scare; again. Tech support changed the directory name (not sure what procedure they followed), then they advised there were still multiple references of the old name in numerous files. Great..... I did get a file listing sent to me and was advised that if I couldn't resolve my problems to contact a good developer. I did update all the files that I was told about; I hope there aren't any that were left out. Additionally, everything now seems to work properly. Yay!!!! Just a little frustrated as I had hoped to avoid manually editing files by renaming the WordPress directory in a manner that all this manual work was avoided. Hence the post here in the forum. Anyways, so far so good and fingers crossed.
  7. Change WordPress Directory

    Sweet, thanks Brian. I have submitted a ticket. Cheers!
  8. Change WordPress Directory

    I did a default install through Softalicious and WordPress is now installed in a directory called "WP". I want to change the directory name to the name of my blog so the address is "" instead of "". I have found a support document on WordPress for giving WordPress it's own directory but it doesn't make sense to me. Specifically it says to copy the index.php from the wordpress directory into the root, but that means I would overwrite the existing file which is for the website I believe (of which I have used SiteBuilder). I looked in the existing index.php on the root and there is a lot in it. My question then: what is the easiest (and safest) way to give the WordPress directory a new name? FYI I do have technical skills and understanding but not to the point of easily understanding what the .php files do. Never edited them manually before, nor written a web site etc (hence using Sitebuilder), but I do know how to open an editor, directory structure etc.... Thanks in advance, Brian