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  1. New Services / Features / Suggestions

    Hey guys do you know that it's now free for webhosts? This service is way better that Fantastico and Softaculous and it'll be a big plus from HawkHost.
  2. New Services / Features / Suggestions

    Have you heard of it's a relatively young Registrar company that has grown a lot in the last few years and now it goes toe to toe with the big ones. Plus it's based on google technology so it has a lot of addons like easy integration with GoogleApps. They recently released their API but it will be a while till we see a module for WHMCS or Client Excec if at all. Now that you offer WHMCS for resellers I will realy love to see an exclusive module from Hawkhost for as an alternative to Enom and RC.
  3. New Services / Features / Suggestions

    I'm suprised I haven't seen an offer of dedicated server from HawkHost, with your purchase volume at soft layer I would imagin that you can get a decent profit margin, and then offer diferent levels of management. Also streaming media servers are very profitable market, now that products like wowza media server have provided alternatives to Adobe's expensive licensing. Another good thing will be to add .Net support via MONO, there is an increasing number of applications using .Net framework and then you can add ms-sql instances as a separate service for business applications. This is it for now, I'll let you know, if I think of something else.
  4. VPS Containers

    I think pricing should be based on resource allocation, pretty much like you do with actual VPS. As for a starting price, 10 a month sounds about right considering this boxes will not be using any public bandwith. If my website were on the edge of having to migrate to a 60 dollar VPS I would probably pay the extra 10 a month instead. And may be the next step will be to buy a Proxy container or may be I need to run a very long process or a daemon to implement something on my website. What I'm saying is that integrating VPS and shared hosting in a more symbiotic manner may lead to a whole new level of service between shared hosting and fully managed expensive VPS. I think you should consider the posibility of integrating this functionality over your existing VPS infraestructure, it might not be too dificult to achieve.
  5. VPS Containers

    How about setting up VPS specifically for MySQL containers. This will help database intensive aplications or very busy database driven websites, with the advantages of the powerfull and higly tunned shared web servers but whithout the risk of running out of resources due to heavy database activity also increasing scalability an reliability for big websites. This containers should be: - specialy tunned for MySQL performance. - easily deployable. - accessible via private network. - surpass shared hosting account capacity for querys. This concept will also work for load balancing proxy containers and php accelerator containers. Regards.
  6. PHP vs Cron + HTML for high load script. EDIT: I've decided tu use PHP+cURL after running some tests.
  7. Whmcs

    any chances you can offer cheap WHMCS licensing for resellers?
  8. About new locations.

    great news, I'll be waiting to sign up for my second reseller account there. thanks tony.
  9. About new locations.

    Any chanses of opening a server in new locations like california or chicago?
  10. Pluto bad drives issue

    I never said than SAS drives never fail, then again with an unrelated comparison since a drive failure on deployment usualy means manufacturer defect and it's much better this way instead of having drives dieing from exhaustion every few months. SAS drives are simply better, tougher, more reliable and the most importan thing they are made exactly for this kind of job. Raptor drives are great, but I think they have proven than they won't do for this job anymore. that is if Pluto's curse don't decide to prove other than that. Joking aside, I have worked with raptor drives an they don't have much of a thermal efficiency, not to mention that 10k rpm for a 2.5" drive isn't the best design for reliability. I still think SAS it's the way to go on this issue, and if I where you I will watch Titan very closely.
  11. Pluto bad drives issue

    in deed, great news.
  12. Pluto bad drives issue

    I will gladly pay extra $2/mo to be move to another machine while you work on pluto, I think many will. haaaa... good old geek fun there aint anything like it.
  13. Pluto bad drives issue

    Well, there's a reason why SAS drives are more expensive, you cant just stick to a cheaper piece of hardware and expect it to withstand the same load. Web hosting servers can be specialy demanding to the hardware, with your ongoing growth you sould realy consider lighten the load on Pluto and Titan somehow and do your best to try and move to SAS. I think is clear you cant always trust what the advertising says, a very important business rule. Of course they do, that doesn't mean they are right for any aplication. that's my point, backup servers only work when they do backup and then they rest for a while. lets hope first the server can get out of this in one piece. we're counting on you guys.
  14. Pluto bad drives issue

    yeah I know, but you have bakcup system don't you? I can see how that complicate things, hope your datacenter will come up with a solution in the future. I wasn't complaining about the service, the way you adress the problem right away and keep us informed is pretty much why I like Hawk Host so much. Well, you cant realy blame a hard drive failure to luck, and you cant compar a desktop drive to a SAS drive which are made for enterprise level. Also, you cant compar a busy web server who also is serving databases to a storage server who has much less if not almost none random seek operations. Velociraptor drives are hi-performance desktop drives wich are also compatible with RAID configuration, but they are certainly not made for the enterprise level and/or to withstand such long periods of intense activity. And that I think is the reason for the constant drive failures on pluto and not realy luck or the nature of hard drives. Finaly as I said before I wasn't complaining and as long as you keep replacing the faulty drives fast we all be fine, just lets hope it never comes that the whole array fails at the same time (higly unlikely I know but still).
  15. Pluto bad drives issue

    today is the third time than pluto server has an outage wich is realted to a bad hard drive in less then a year. May be it's time to think about moving on to SAS. for the rest grate service guys.