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  1. Not necessarily. Design involves elements often completely opaque to search engines. For example, unless a video has been tagged, it cannot be crawled. As a result, SEO practices are really necessary to promote the website on the organic SERP.
  2. Link Building Policy

    My site already ranks well in the search engines do I still need a link building campaign? What criteria should I follow when choosing a potential site for a link?
  3. Google Panda 2.2 Is Live!

    It was announced in the SMX advanced conference that Google will be launching the next improved algorithm of Google Panda Version 2.2 soon. It is a big SEO news for bloggers, content writers, forum posters, webmasters. Some of its criterias are: 1) Resolving The Webmaster complain of content scraping by some scraper sites. 2) Recompilation Of data may cause high SERP 3) Scanning of hidden text
  4. Article length for optimization

    Does posting long articles for a website helps in ranking well ? What should be the primary measures taken when optimizing a site?
  5. Backlink stategie

    Onpage optimization, site design, site age and other onpage factors of my site has been done perfectly, I just want to know if I be able to link with all the backlinks my competetors has, will it help me in better ranking?
  6. Link wheel

    Can anyone explain me what is link wheel and link pyramid and how important it is for SEO?
  7. Article Marketing

    How important is article marketing for a web site?
  8. Keyword Research

    I am new in keyword research. I want some suggestion on which tool is best for keyword research.
  9. Onpage SEO Question

    What On Page SEO factors should I consider at the outset?
  10. Photoshop

    Can anyone tell me how can I PAN in photoshop? If photoshop can be used like autoCAD then it will be easy to PAN a image using a mouse. Friends suggest me.
  11. Onpage Optimization

    Can anyone suggest me the best SEO software for onpage optimization?
  12. Role of Social Media In SEO

    I want to have a detailed information about What role does social media play in an SEO strategy.
  13. Twitter design

    Wow !! The design is really cool. Using the mascot icon i twitter theme is a great idea.
  14. My first design

    As a first design , it is quite impressive. I appreciate your talent.
  15. Web design focuses on appearance and aesthetics. SEO focuses on text quality and quantity. Than who is more important?