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  1. Subaddressing

    Sub-addressing is remarkably useful - I've used it personally on several Exim deployments in the past. I've gone ahead and have submitted an internal issue to see if this is something we can do safely without making the omnipresent cPanel gremlins happy. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I'm not sure if IPB has this built-in however you can utilize GEOIP stuff for that. Here is a little thread on the IPB forums which should work as you want (although you'll need to ensure you have the proper GEOIP database downloaded / working). There are a few methods in that thread including a .htaccess one and several PHP snippets you can toss in your index.php file.
  3. Fingerprint public_html

    Brian pretty much hit the nail on the head with this. It still has *huge* potential to be resource intensive regardless if it's automatic or manual. In addition to this it's remarkably tedious to configure an IDS solution to take into account all of the dynamic files that get created and modified constantly - it would be a manual process for the user to add "whitelist" paths (cache folders, upload folders, temporary folders, etc). Another problem is the time needed to invest into making a good solution isn't economical as the amount of users who would be able to use it to its full potential would be remarkably low. It would also increase the work load on our end as explaining all gotchas (large amount of files, false positives (which there will be plenty)) and so forth really can't be overlooked. We're talking about a relatively large customer base. That being said it certainly could be done in a nice integrated manner and controlled a way - especially with the newer CloudLinux that supports IO limits. Ultimately at this time it's simply not economical for us to invest time into a feature like this - we rather look into something that a large majority of our users can utilize and not a small subset. However this may be an interesting feature for our semi-dedicated plans as there is far more wiggle room when it comes to resources. Great idea's and feedback - we really appreciate it .
  4. Hello, This is called sender verification and it's standard across most mail deployments as well as shared hosts. It significantly reduces SPAM and unfortunately it wouldn't be an option to disable it. It may be worth noting it's proper procedure to ensure there is an MX entry for the sending domain regardless if it's an intended to ever received email.
  5. Emergency File System Maintenance [09/27/2012]

    Everything is online at this time.
  6. Emergency File System Maintenance [09/27/2012]

    The FSCK is complete and the server is online at this time. Please allow 5-15 minutes for all services to boot and service to be fully restored.
  7. Emergency File System Maintenance [09/27/2012]

    The FSCK is 55% complete at this time.
  8. Emergency File System Maintenance [09/27/2012]

    The FSCK is 45% complete at this time.
  9. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The Typhoon server has crashed due to filesystem inconsistencies. We'll be forced to run a file system check on the system. We estimate the check will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Date: 08/28/2012 Start time (CDT): 12:40pm End time (CDT): 4:40pm Duration: 4 hours Estimated Down Time: 120 minutes
  10. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is complete and the server is online at this time.
  11. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is 90% complete at this time.
  12. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is 80% complete at this time.
  13. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is 70% complete at this time.
  14. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is 55% complete at this time.
  15. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is 40% complete at this time.
  16. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is 25% complete at this time.
  17. Emergency Maintenance [08/28/2012]

    The FSCK is 15% complete at this time.
  18. Emergency Maintenance [08/08/2012]

    The FSCK is now complete and the server is online. Please allow a few minutes for services to boot up.
  19. Emergency Maintenance [08/08/2012]

    The FSCK is 90% complete at this time.
  20. Emergency Maintenance [08/08/2012]

    The FSCK is 80% complete at this time.
  21. Our newest plans and services

    I'm not sure what you're talking about here. Could you elaborate as you're not making sense. Exactly - higher resources plus a different build that utilizes SSD for caching on high-io partitions (specifically /var and MySQL).
  22. Upgrade cPanel (Please)

    There is nothing that is urgent in the upgrade - we'll be updating all servers from the last large release within a week or two.
  23. Upgrade cPanel (Please)

    We do - we also immediately update upon any security releases. If there is a major change we'll wait a couple of weeks before mass updating our servers to ensure reliability. It may be worth noting we're on a higher build unless I'm not seeing something? 11.32.3 build 19 had the big security update which they pre-announced early on and responsibly disclosed the issue a few days later as per their initial statement. It had to do with code execution and piped logging if I recall. All of our servers were updated to this immediately and no servers run anything less. I feel like we go over this more times than not edit - It appears the server you're on is running 11.32.3 build 19 which has the latest critical update. The rest are misc. bug fixes that are arbritrary and security fixes for things we don't use or don't effect us. There appears to be a potential XSS for one of the third party applications on the server however that's a far cry from critical and effects a small subset of users (if any). That being said I'm not sure why this server wasn't fully updated - we're more concerned with large bug fixes and security updates than trivial ones (IE: UI tweaks, JavaScript updates, yada yada).
  24. Our newest plans and services

    Daemons and such are not permitted on our semi-dedicated plans - think of semi-dedicated as people who are using resources beyond a shared environment however are not able to manage / afford a VPS or dedicated server. Less users and a server / software build that allows for more resources to be utilized with zero configuration / worry from the end user. There are no licenses currently bundled with our semi-dedicated offerings however we're open to suggestions. Generally the only license(s) we offer is WHMCS and or things more related to resellers not much of shared hosting customers. We however intend on adding some value-added services to our semi-dedicated plans however and they'll be announced shortly . We essentially have taken our experience in a typical shared environment and have tried to optimize it. The new servers to utilize FlashCache in a way that should benefit the overall usage we experience from "high resource users" on our typical shared environment. We evaluated a pure SSD solution for certain partitions (/var, etc) however we found that utilizing FlashCache and this specific setup / build we benefited from an overall performance / reliability for our use case - basically our servers see a wide range of usage and this build / setup seems to be the "best bet" out of them all. Another reason we've utilized FlashCache over a pure SSD solution is the notoriety of the current SSD's on the market to kick the bucket after awhile which scares us in terms of reliability / data integrity. The way we've utilized FlashCache is we see a great performance boost while mitigating any loss of data (the data is written first, then cached and served). If an SSD kicked the bucket all data is safe and sound - which is what we like. As SSD's mature and grow more reliable we'll evaluate different SSD specific builds. Until then we'll hedge our bets and take the best of two - high performance caching while taking a low risk of data loss in case of a hardware failure. Great questions - keep them up !
  25. Today's Rant: #$@$%&^*( GoDaddy...

    Oops I forgot to address your other question! You can get free WHOIS privacy through us - just toggle it via the billing area or contact support. This is the same thing as GoDaddy's DomainsByProxy .