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  1. That's exactly the format you'd want to use so you're good and shouldn't run into any issues with SPF record problems going forward.
  2. The best solution would be to add an include to your spf record to include "" . This encompasses all our mailing IP's so you'd never need to worry about it again. Any new account with us actually has this record added automatically.
  3. More good news from Hawkhost

    Which feature did you end up utilizing?
  4. Amsterdam server + Form Tools

    Our Amsterdam location was unavailable for a short period of time but right now we have plenty of capacity and can easily now add capacity as necessary. You should see an option to order hosting in that location. For the actual migration it's typically best you disable features that there is user input as information will get out of sync. What users typically do is order hosting and then disable their forums, forms etc. and ask for our team to migrate the site. Once our team has migrated the site the user enables the features again on our systems. Then any new data is only added to our systems. Along with that if your host uses cPanel we can migrate accounts in just a few hours typically (unless the host is slow or blocks backups). So you don't even need to worry about domain changes if you don't want to. Your sites sound fine in a shared environment so you shouldn't need to worry about that aspect. They'll be very fast on our servers, I have no doubt about that.
  5. At this time it's not possible to change the configuration of memcached.
  6. We switched from utilizing randomized ports for users to using a unix socket on user accounts. Any application that supports Memcached should allow for unix sockets the same way it can use ports. You'd use the address: unix://(socket location we give you) We'll have someone from our team update the image to reflect the unix socket change. We missed that while updating the blog post to mention it's handled using sockets.
  7. CORS Requests

    Hello, I can't make any guarantees on this but maybe this will put you in the right direction. We utilize Litespeed and I've seen a few ways thrown around on how to do this: <FilesMatch "\.(gif|png|jpe?g|svg|svgz|ico|webp)$"> SetEnvIf Origin ":" IS_CORS Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" env=IS_CORS </FilesMatch> <FilesMatch "\.(ttf|ttc|otf|eot|woff|font.css|css|woff2)$"> Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" </FilesMatch> So in this case they're doing it for specific types. There is also a discussion on the Litespeed forums on other ways to accomplish this:
  8. You'll need to create an email account to send from then since you're not using the mail() function then you're probably best to utilize a mailing library. Here are a few examples of them: If it's a third party application a lot of them already can interface with SMTP. You just need to tell them the SMTP server and a username and password.
  9. Deploy Deepstream on Shared Hosting

    Based on the deepstream installation instructions you'd require your own server so it would not be possible to deploy it on a shared hosting account.
  10. Looks like a similar solution to phpbb where they refer to the php memcached extension as Libmemcached. As for checking if it's working you'd be best to open a ticket. Although for most applications if it's not working they typically end up hanging or throwing an error.
  11. Looking at that guide they are installing the memcache extension not the memcached extension. Unfortunately I don't foresee us offering it as an option after PHP 5.6 just due to the fact it was last updated in 2013: . I don't foresee us offering the memcache extension in PHP 7.0 or 7.1 simply because even our vendors (cPanel, CloudLinux) are not doing it.
  12. The problem is it is utilizing the memcache extension which is only available until PHP 5.6. I'd suggest contacting Xenforo and seeing if there is a way for it to utilize the memcached extension which would be necessary if you're running PHP 7.1.
  13. phpBB3 with Memcached

    In that case if you're comfortable with SSH what I recommend doing is we kill the current memcached instance and then start it back up. So if you login to SSH you can run: ps axu | grep memcached Then you should see something like this: 607 802829 0.0 0.0 66600 940 ? Sl 11:07 0:00 /usr/bin/memcached -B ascii -m 64 -s /home/memcachedtest/.hostdata/memcached.sock You'll then want to kill the process so in my case I'd run kill 802829 Then if you do another ps axu | grep memcached you should no longer see the memcached instance running. You will then want to turn it back on in cPanel then hopefully this time around it's operating properly.
  14. DNS Server question

    Our DNS servers are remote so if the web server goes down then DNS would be served. We also utilize anycast for our DNS infrastructure and have DNS servers in numerous diverse locations. We do this for performance and redundancy purposes.
  15. phpBB3 with Memcached

    Our original setup was over IP/Port but had switched it to socket and updated our documentation. I updated the text description for that as well now and we'll see about just updating the pictures as well. As for the issue at hand I'd suggest opening a ticket if you still cannot connect to the memcached socket as the code there shows it supporting it. So it's possible the memcached instance on your account is not starting up properly or something similar.