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  1. I would contact our billing team so they can investigate.
  2. Hello, Hits would be complete downloads of a file. The 206 hits would be partially downloaded files.
  3. Affiliate Commission Withdrawl

    At this time our affiliate commissions are paid out via Paypal. We do not do check or direct deposit at this time.
  4. I/O Usage

    Not exactly correct we use CloudLinux which as kernel level technology that makes so when you're at a 100% of a CPU you cannot go above it. It works very similar to that of OpenVZ which are what our VPS's run on. You could burst to 100% all day and you could never strain the system. The same can be said about memory usage and I/O as we won't let you go above it. Instead all your applications could potentially get slower if there is contention for the resources. To answer the question then the odd burst of CPU or I/O is not bad. It's only bad when your sites are becoming slow because of it.
  5. cPanel API access

    You would need to use API 1 or API 2 you cannot use the xml-rpc API which is meant for resellers and root users.
  6. Connection troubles with AMS001?

    The server is up serving it's normal amount of traffic. I'd suggest opening a ticket with our support team could be a routing issue between your ISP and our Amsterdam location.
  7. Hello, You'll need to open a ticket with our billing department to approve the referrals then they will turn your affiliate commissions balance into account credit.
  8. Suspended host

    I really don't know what else to say to topics like this. If you're going to do something this silly going all over the internet threatening us is not going to change our stance. If you don't pay us or charge back the payments we're not going to suddenly provide you with service. I thought this was obvious but obviously not. We have to of course reply to every post defending ourselves when reality we should not.
  9. False antivirus alert

    Hello, I'll see if I can track down the ticket I'm not sure why it was sent to abuse as this issue would never get resolved there. It's worth noting though if ClamAV virus signatures are picking up on this archive it's highly likely we're not the only ones who would be blocking this archive. A good chunk of virus scanners would be blocking this file.
  10. So how big do you let those inboxes get?

    If I was to guess I'd say I have over a million emails in my inbox. We however use our own dedicated mail servers and I use IMAP never webmail I'd be wasting my time with that. The problem with webmail programs is they're built in PHP, Perl, Java etc. and just are not going to be fast considering all they do as act as fronts as a regular email client. They are not reading the mail directly they're having to query the imap server just like your email client on your computer would. Also for spam SpamExperts in our cPanel is really effective at clearing out spam as well to keep those inboxes clean
  11. Suspended host

    Hello, You issued charge backs against the payments made to us. Thus you did not pay us and committed fraud on top of that. If you did not wish to have your service with us ended you should not have issued charge backs or used stolen credit cards whichever it was.
  12. My site deleted?

    Hello, You filed a cancellation which was processed by our system. If you did not want the cancellation you really should not have filed for one. We'll see what we can do for you to get your site back online.
  13. My site deleted?

    Hello, You filed a cancellation which was processed by our system. If you did not want the cancellation you really should not have filed for one. We'll see what we can do for you to get your site back online.
  14. Support should have been speedy was more just delays with the sales/billing aspect. Yep and any other accounts since then have been setup as well. We eventually caught up with the rush and were getting orders out every 15 minutes on actual Black Friday. The word spread quickly the coupons worked early.
  15. [need HELP] Private Nameserver Setup

    The information should be available in the account information email if you ordered a reseller account which is required for private name servers. The actual name server registration veries registrar to registrar. I'd advise opening a ticket with our support team they can look up your domain registrar and point you in the right direction.
  16. SSL key length of 256 is too weak

    Your web site is loading from here. I would advise opening a support ticket and please explain what the issue is so our team can properly investigate.
  17. We have a big back log of orders and tickets related due to our black Friday promotions. We're working through everything as fast as possible. Sorry about the delays!
  18. PHP version unsupported

    I would make sure all your applications are PHP 5.3 compatible then login to cPanel go to select php version and pick PHP 5.3 rather than the PHP 5.2 you have selected right now.
  19. I believe at this point your account was setup. Unfortunately some details you provided to us flagged a much more thorough review of your order.
  20. By email our our web site
  21. We always limit accounts to a certain amount of CPU. You can see that under resource usage in cPanel. I would advise contacting our support team if you require assistance.
  22. We do not delete user files. I'd advise contacting our support team.
  23. Terrible Customer Support

    Missed the topic but this was long since resolved. It's been a while so just trying to remember this a bit but I believe the initial problem was some domains the transfers did not go through due to a software bug. That bug has since been fixed but at the time some transfers were not pushing through and not telling anyone about it. So we resolved that and the domains got transferred over and hit a sync issue (also software bug fixed) and they were with us just could not be managed by our back end. I would like to point out however regardless those domain transfers once initiated had to take 7 days we had no control over that. The mysterious domain authorization did not come from us at all and we had nothing to do with it. We could never control what another registrar does. In fact authorizations are hard coded to go to the administrative contact no exceptions. Then I believe the other issue was transferring registrations between companies we operate. This created some confusion as you cannot transfer domains within the same ICANN accredited registrar using the typical methods. So internally it was always with us and when that was realized the domains were renewed like a transfer and canceled on the previous entities side. This could happen between our brands or anyone using the platform we use unfortunately. To address some other aspects. We do not provide 24/7 sales and billing and I know everyone wants it but for the longest time we've been 9-5 Monday-Friday give or take a few hours. We however did some new hiring recently and now have night time sales/billing as well to cover our ever growing international presence. It takes time however to train staff and so at times a staff member cannot resolve an issue and it needs escalated. We also have systems in place where not all staff have access to everything. This is for security reasons as we wouldn't staff not trained in an aspect or not having the skill set working with tools they shouldn't. That could mean depending on the issue it needs to be escalated and I believe in this case it needed to be. I wish this situation could be handled better but unfortunately software bugs slowed things down. I'd guess if the transfers happened today they'd go through in the typical 7 days and it would have gone much smoother. I would like to make things clear however this was never once a support issue but billing and during this entire period of time we probably resolved hundreds of support inquiries. We have however like I said added additional billing and sales staff to help improve sales and billing response times. Now the vast majority of those are handled twice as fast and our managers on during shifts are handling more of the escalated issues faster rather than helping on tickets handled by our less experienced staff.
  24. SSL, dedicated IP# and subdomains?

    You could use SNI to accomplish this now as well we do support that. I believe in cPanel it should allow you to install multiple SSL certificates using SNI under a single IP. I would keep in mind however under Windows XP and Internet explorer the user would not be able to view the sites over SSL.