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  1. The search issue with our client area is fixed where it would not return any results or the same results every time. It should provide the same results does
  2. 5 pre-sale questions

    Are you sure you are actually utilizing 50 concurrent MySQL connections? I just don't believe you are because if you were you'd be serving 4.3 million page views a day with that number of connections. At those kind of traffic levels you'd be running off a dedicated web server alone. For most users they're probably using just a few connections at most as MySQL connections are quick less than a second typically. If you're basing your numbers off software that reports number of users online keep in mind it's talking about someone who has visited the site in the last 15-60 minutes. So for a forum with say 300 users online it might only have 5 MySQL connections at any given time.
  3. That is a very strange one what I think is happening is you have both mysql and mysqlnd checked in our PHP extension manager. The system mysql extension is being loaded and the native mysql extension is not being loaded because of that. Try unchecking mysql and checking mysqlnd and see if it works then. If it still does not work then would you mind opening a ticket and sending me a PM with the ticket number? I'll take a look and see if we can figure out why it's not working as expected.
  4. 5 pre-sale questions

    6. We'd be unable to disclose a number as it can vary wildly and we don't want to give anyone the wrong idea. We base it off of actual load of a server so some may have more than others. Also dependent on hardware as well as technology changes we have hardware that may be able to hold more users. 7. Same as number 6 8. No issues with those we have many customers running those applications. 9. We do not but we run cPanel ( ) and the majority of the features will be the same. We add a few extra like the ability to switch from PHP 5.2 all the way up to PHP 5.6 through your cPanel however. 10. We use R1Soft for our backups which is a block level system and we utilize a feature to make sure MySQL backups are consistent. We take daily backups of the entire server on our shared web hosting servers and take 2 backups daily of our semi dedicated servers. 11. 25 12. 50 13. At this time we do not offer them in Washington DC but we are evaluating adding it as an option.
  5. 5 pre-sale questions

    1. They are stored on the same server as the accounts website 2. The storage limit would include the usage from mySQL 3. We do offer SSL protection for both incoming and outgoing. We provide you with a hostname for each so it's a signed certificate. We also support SNI over the services as well so you could install your own certificate if you wished. 4. We support SFTP and recommend all users use it 5. You can create multiple FTP accounts but keep in mind for these they would need to use FTPS as SFTP only works on true linux user accounts which the FTP accounts are not.
  6. Satisfied with your service

    That is great to hear and I have no doubt it'll continue to be an excellent hosting experience.
  7. Migration Assistance

    That is awesome and definitely what we hope to hear with every migration. That sometimes is not the case but our support team are pretty good about finding the incompatibilities between the old host and us and fixing them.
  8. Migration Assistance

    I'll answer anyways in case anyone else is wondering It's very dependent on the speed of the old web host. If we can generate a backup immediately we could have a migration completed in under an hour. If it takes 4 hours to generate a backup then obviously that will change how long it takes us. The worst case scenario then would probably be 12 hours with most of that time spent making a backup.
  9. We don't block google bot only reason that could happen is if it's having issues accessing your site. This could be due to an error on the site or some sort of outage. You're best to contact our support team so that they can investigate.
  10. SPF question

    That would be correct on all our shared, reseller and semi dedicated hosting accounts.
  11. Wober Discussion Community

    How's it working for you thus far?
  12. Disabling PHP functions using htaccess

    Not possible by .htaccess file however you should be able to do this through cPanel. Go to select php version then php settings and there should be a disable_functions option. If it's available open a support ticket and our support team should be able to make it available to you.
  13. Awstats "public"

    Feel free to update this topic if it works as well. I'm sure others would be interested in knowing this method would work.
  14. Awstats "public"

    It's not going to be easy but one idea (I haven't tried it) would be installing your own awstats. cPanel stores the data files themselves at /home/yourusername/tmp/awstats . You could load those from your own installation and just password protect that installs directory.
  15. Would you be able to PM me your ticket number if you have one? It sounds like one of our servers doesn't have the replicated configuration changes to make FTPS work with sub accounts.
  16. 403 Page

    I would suggest opening a support ticket and providing further information to our support team to investigate.
  17. I would advise using a mailing list software from the start opposed to back tracking later. You could install PHPList via Softaculous and use that to manage your mailing. My reasoning is we see lots of users start like you then they get to a point where users are reporting their mails as spam and they have no way to track the reporters nor any way for users to unsubscribe. If you do it the right way from the start then you don't have to worry about those problems when the list is much larger.
  18. database migration of wordpress

    Hello, Your .htaccess code seems to be incorrect. You'll probably want the default mod_rewrite rules: # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule> # END WordPress
  19. database migration of wordpress

    What it sounds like you missed doing was uploading your .htaccess file which makes the pretty URL's work properly.
  20. Hosting Status Pending

    Hello, Your order with us was canceled and payment was refunded. You provided us with inconsistent billing information (different countries) which in our experience typically means a stolen credit card was used. As you asked for a refund rather than explain the discrepancy the payment was refunded back to the original payment form used.
  21. How to use TLS connection for POP3?

    Try connecting to and see if it gives you any errors.
  22. How to use TLS connection for POP3?

    Are you on our shared web hosting? If so it should be as simple using the servers hostname for your POP3 address. If this is on a VPS then it sounds like your certificate expired and you'll need to generate a new one in cPanel.
  23. plankton does not accept email via smtp

    That wouldn't be correct. You need to set it in cPanel and it'll change MX records as well as setup the account on our cluster as well as update routing on the cPanel side. If you're using external DNS after you switch to SpamExperts in cPanel then go to MX records and use the MX records we set on the account.
  24. plankton does not accept email via smtp

    Hello, I found your ticket it got in between a ton of spam the frog host support desk received. We're going to be deploying some new anti spam strategies on our help desks within the next two weeks so that we hopefully don't miss random tickets. It's a fine balance between blocking spam on our helpdesks and also not blocking user tickets. To answer your question about our monitoring nothing at all triggered anywhere. All services tested as up from our end so not sure what could have happened. My only guess due to the time frame of it would be it was related to the bash updates and us reloading a few things to protect accounts. Although no other server had the same issue so really don't know.
  25. plankton does not accept email via smtp

    I would advise opening a support ticket it's not something that could be investigated via our forums.