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  1. If you're on wdc004 then you're in Washington DC and won't be effected by the maintenance window.
  2. Legal adult content allowed?

    There are issues with that because of just how many web sites we host and also: What is considered adult content?  The definition is going to be different depending on a persons region.  We have no way of forcing users to disclose what they're hosting How do you handle a user with non adult content on one domain but not on another Even if we didn't allow adult content it be on our network as we cannot control user content in such a manner nor would any user want us to be such a provider.  Also why stop at adult content?  I'm sure there are users who don't want to be on the same IP as say a church web site.  Or maybe they don't want to be on the same IP as a website from the United States.
  3. What is the effect of Swap 100%

    Nothing newer operating systems use swap to hold application memory that has been inactive for a period of time.  This results in an increase in performance as more memory can actually be used for disk caches.  Unfortunately cPanel continues to display this as a warning even though there is nothing negative about this.
  4. I cannot think of anything that may have changed with the update.  The release page: and here is the complete set of release notes:
  5. Hello,   Please open a ticket with our billing department and they'll move the ticket to the appropriate department.
  6.   Your issue was caused by a rvskin bug.  Once we were made aware we pushed out a fix to all servers.
  7. Questions from a possible new user

    Hello,   git is available on all our servers so you should be able to use it to push updates to your sites.
  8. You can have SpamAssassin auto delete mail based on score on a per account basis in the accounts cPanel.  Go to "Apache SpamAssassin™" You can use "Spam Auto-Delete" option.  It would also be worth checking out SpamExperts which does not delete mail and leaves it in a quarantine for you to review if any mail ever gets accidentally flagged.
  9. Hawk Host Status Pending

    Hello,   We replied to your ticket as to why your order was not setup
  10. Question related to shared hosting

      CloudLinux does a great job at preventing most abuses by making it not possible to take over the entire server.  Other types of abuses we have many monitoring systems in place and other preventive measures to hopefully not have one user cause problems for others.
  11. ftp command not available from SSH?

    If you open a ticket with our support team asking ftp to be made available they should be able to add it for you.  We use CageFS which allows us to restrict accounts to just what is necessary for them to function.  We do however understand in some cases users need features like ftp which we'll gladly add for their account.
  12. Litespeed caching just for Wordpress?

    It's possible to use caching on any web site you would just need to configure the rules to make it compatible with your application.  So for example if you look at the Wordpress example there is this portion: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^(wp-admin|wp-login.php|wp-cron.php) This is wordpress specific telling it to never cache wp-admin, wp-login.php or wp-cron.php as those you'd never want to cache obviously.  So for another application you would probably need to update to reflect the change in the admin url and any login url's.   In your case if you're only wanting to cache Javascript files (.js) there isn't going to be any benefit as the caching is geared towards caching dynamic files.  Litespeed already when there are requests to js, css, html it gzips them then puts them in it's gzip cache so that there isn't a need to gzip the files on every request.  It only updates the gzip cache when the files change.
  13. The search issue with our client area is fixed where it would not return any results or the same results every time.  It should provide the same results does
  14. 5 pre-sale questions

      Are you sure you are actually utilizing 50 concurrent MySQL connections?  I just don't believe you are because if you were you'd be serving 4.3 million page views a day with that number of connections. At those kind of traffic levels you'd be running off a dedicated web server alone.  For most users they're probably using just a few connections at most as MySQL connections are quick less than a second typically.  If you're basing your numbers off software that reports number of users online keep in mind it's talking about someone who has visited the site in the last 15-60 minutes.  So for a forum with say 300 users online it might only have 5 MySQL connections at any given time.
  15. That is a very strange one what I think is happening is you have both mysql and mysqlnd checked in our PHP extension manager.  The system mysql extension is being loaded and the native mysql extension is not being loaded because of that.  Try unchecking mysql and checking mysqlnd and see if it works then.  If it still does not work then would you mind opening a ticket and sending me a PM with the ticket number?  I'll take a look and see if we can figure out why it's not working as expected.