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  1. 1. It is possible to do this the first step is to set a password for SpamExperts you do this by logging in through cPanel then going my account -> user profile and setting a password. After this if you look in your address bar when logged in through cPanel method you should see the spamexperts server you're on. Just go to that URL directly and you'll be able to login. 2. It is not possible but the other way to report spam other than the thunderbird plugin is to just access it via IMAP. Same login as logging into SpamExperts directly and connect to the one in your address bar. You'll see all the reporting folders and be able to access the quarantine directly as well. You can also do this on a per email account basis by making accounts for them through SpamExperts. 3. Not possible but if it flags an email based on your reporting previously if you tell it that it's not spam this would be effectively the same thing as reversing it. 4. If you check the headers there will be SpamExperts specific headers which tell you it's assessment of the email. I believe in your case you'll be looking for "X-SpamExperts-Class" and the associated values for those. You could then use filters either in cPanel or your email client to send them to a specific folder. Although if you do the IMAP integration method you can have the quarantine off while still being able to easily access SpamExperts. 5. That would be correct once it hits our cPanel servers then it would process everything else as usual filters/forwarders etc. Also the SpamExperts filtering servers are in fact operated by us as well we just use their software. It's our own cluster of machines doing the filtering and everything.
  2. In a case like this if you believe all the paths are right then I'd recommend opening a ticket with our support team. The first step they'd take is login as your account and attempt to run the command line operations manually and see what happens. If they work from there then it would mean it might be something wrong with the PHP script you're running opposed to the cron job itself. So for example maybe your script isn't compatible with PHP 5.6 and you need to run PHP 5.5
  3. If you just added the subdomain more than likely you're dealing with DNS propagation if you visited it before it was actually in our DNS system. If you're still having a problem after several hours it would be best to open a support ticket so our support team can investigate.
  4. We offer the ability to manage the hosting accounts straight from where you see all the cPanel features but within the client area. Of course though it's still more limited than direct cPanel access. As for taking the integration even further it's actually now possible in cPanel but that has pros and cons to it. While it would be easier for the site owner to access their cPanel it would remove some functionality as well. There are many users who sign up and have another individual managing their site. They want to give this individual cPanel access only and wouldn't want the person having access to the client area. Our client area and help desk are actually integrated. You can use the same login at to login to . You also can access and reply to tickets directly from now as well. LastPass is great for that cloud like feel where you can access your passwords everywhere. There also other ones like Keepass where it's stored locally on your computer. This day in age though a password manager is really necessary. Different logins for every site you use is just simply way safer as if a site gets compromised and they retrieve the password it'll only work on that site. If it works for your email, bank, website etc. then they'll all eventually get compromised.
  5. Once you have your hosting account with us we would just need the login details of your hosting account you currently have. Once we have that information our team will migrate your account.
  6. Hello, The location that has direct peering with China is our Los Angeles location. Singapore test IP: Los Angeles test IP: All our locations:
  7. Hello, Your cancellation was processed and refund was issued the very same day. It can take some time however to show up on credit cards which we would have no control over.
  8. The current Linux kernel version and the actual versions being used by operating systems you'll find are vastly different. For example: CentOS 6 - 2.6.32 CentoS 7 - 3.10.0 Ubuntu 12.04- 3.2 Ubuntu 14.04 - 3.13 Ubuntu 16.04 - 4.4 The reason being stability is a major concern so they'll continue to run the same kernel version. They will however backport fixes to the version being ran (security, drivers etc). That is why you end up then with versions like 2.6.32-642. In our specific case on our VPS's using OpenVZ we're running OpenVZ 6 (CentOS 6) which means a 2.6.32 kernel. We then use KernelCare for security patches which allows our kernels to be patched live with security fixes meaning less outages caused by us having to update kernels (requires a reboot).
  9. We take daily backups just like we do for our shared web hosting. That being said with a lot of times a user needs things restored on their VPS the only option is a complete restore of the entire system back to the point needed. That is why just like our shared web hosting it doesn't hurt to make your own backups as well. It gives you another option if you ever have to restore something.
  10. I would recommend using the profession spam filter (SpamExperts) as it's significantly more accurate at detecting spam meaning less spam in your inbox. It also has a simple to use spam quarantine feature which allows you to release, train and whitelist emails that may have been flagged incorrectly. That means you shouldn't lose any important email at all.
  11. The server you're on was updated so if you're still experiencing issues I recommend opening a ticket our support team so that they can investigate a problem which seems to be affecting strictly your account.
  12. It sounds like you have some sort of caching enabled. Did you enable Litespeed page caching? If you made a typo on it and started caching the wp-admin folder this would cause the problems you described.
  13. We currently utilize SpamExperts for scanning of all outgoing emails for spam which has drastically improved delivery rates. We also are able to if a RBL issue does come up is route around it while we work on delisting the IP. This same technology also can be used for your incoming email meaning you can get enterprise level spam filtering without the expensive per inbox pricing.
  14. You should be able to just do: php /path/to/console.php test index For example if your username was test and you had console.php in your public_html folder it would be: php /home/test/public_html/console.php test index
  15. We offer ID protection which costs $3/year per domain and it would work the same as the domains by proxy service. In our case the service is ran by IDCPrivacy Service c/o IDC (BVI) and operates out of London England.