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  1. Cloudflare vs Incapsula

    So far i'm liking Incapsula more.
  2. Cloudflare vs Incapsula

    I heard that CloudFlare was actually faster,but it look's like they offer more in terms of bandwidth & a WAF. I probably give the personal plan a try and see how it goes.Thanks.
  3. Cloudflare vs Incapsula

    I'm thinking of giving Incapsula a try & was wondering if anyone has experienced both services?
  4. Domain Registrations Changes (Good ones!)

    Maybe .me & .co.
  5. Our newest plans and services

    Daemon services & chat scripts?
  6. Our newest plans and services

    What are the restrictions for Semi-Dedicated accounts?Is it similar to shared or vps accounts?Mainly looking at resource usage.
  7. Our newest plans and services

    Prices look competitive.Maybe up bandwidth on the Nestling pkg. to 200 & offer it in other locals in addition to Texas.Also didn't see the CloudFlare app listed,so maybe add that as well.
  8. Today's Rant: #$@$%&^*( GoDaddy...

    For a sec there, i thought the Admin Contact was listed as Tony Blair
  9. Xenforo vs. VBulletin

    Just curious how Xenforo compares to VBulletin in terms of resource usage?
  10. Hawk Host weekend support

    I believe they're currently migrating the help desk.
  11. vps /price / space

    I believe they have a 25% off Twitter coupon.Not sure if it's still valid or if can be applied to their VPS's.
  12. Live Chat

    Don't quote me on it,but i think the hours are 9-5 EST.
  13. HawkHost Mascot

    Mod's can probably close this thread.I was able to find the answer to my question.
  14. Flash Design

    Anybody know a good flash designer?
  15. HawkHost Mascot

    Just curious who designed the mascots for both HawkHost & FrogHost?