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  1. phpMyAdmin question

    I installed phpMyAdmin to my www directory. Pointed my browswer to mydomain/phpMyAdmin and it brought up the login screen. I used my existing id and pw and got this error: #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server Any idea why? Did I not set it up correctly?
  2. phpMyAdmin question

    No I am not on a virtual private server.
  3. phpMyAdmin question

    I can upload my own version of phpMyAdmin? I didn't realize I could do that (notice the newbie above my name hehe). Where exactly would I put it? Not in the WWW right? I believe I know what you mean about the password. I would assign the password in the privileges tab right?
  4. phpMyAdmin question

    Is there a way that I can give someone phpMyAdmin access without giving them my cpanel ID and PW? I already have set up a login through phpMyAdmin for them, but everytime I go there it asks to enter my cpanel ID and PW. Is there a special URL? I tried www.mydomain/phpMyAdmin but that didn't work. Any suggestions? I did get this link to work: https://sea006.hawkhost.com:2083/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/index.php#PMAURL:server=1&target=main.php&token=eb3c5208c22bf538b1c67d9c460e2f8f but like I said it asks for my cpanel ID and PW and I don't want people I am using to just maintain a database to have access to everything else.