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  1. Long story short, I wanted to fetch some PDF's and tear them apart for information. Anyone tried this yet on PHP or Java? IText was one gadget I found that looked fairly promising. But wondering what else people have come up with. Thanks!
  2. Expanding on Brian a smidge, you may want to think about getting a reseller account in a situation like this, then moving your client in (I'm sure Hawkhost will let them move in under you), this way you have a "Alpha" account that lets you log into all your clients and install anything you want, such as Wordpress, that way one set of users and passwords you keep alone can do all you want. Clients still get their own users and passwords that keep them in their own realm. Disclaimer: I'm only a customer of hawkhost, but been in the industry a crap ton. P.S. now that I've done your suggestive up selling for you Brian, where do I send my invoice :-p
  3. Setup is always a bear, if you think Reseller setups are crazy, try a VPS. Six months into managing the one here I'm responsible for and I still wonder if I've got everything setup 100% the way it should be (but hey everything works so now it's just optimizing...) But yeah Hawkhost support is right on the ball :-)
  4. Still very relevant advice, if anything I'm picking up more attacks on Wordpress sites I work with nowadays.
  5. 2) We will never change the base price of the product on you. The only variable that would potentially impact your renewal price is if you sign up using a one time discount as opposed to a recurring discount. In this case the one time coupon would only be applied on your initial signup invoice whereas a recurring discount would be maintained through the life of the account. Can confirm, been here 3 years, paying the same base price for hosting my initial domain as year 1 (I've since moved in a few domains, signed one other shared account up and bought a VPS for another organization, and am contemplating moving my initial package to a VPS myself, but I can rest assured my soon to be arriving yearly bill will likely be the same unless I initiate the change...)
  6. So I've got a VPS setup through Hawkhost, that amongst other things rolls its own DNS. All seems good but many have told me I really should find another server for DNS, security and reliability reasons. Makes sense. Of course that just costs more money, at least for a good provider. Thoughts? Is it really a best practice now? Would HawkHost help at all (maybe open up HawkHost DNS servers and allow me to place a zone file on HawkHost's own DNS)? Just curious...
  7. So on Hawkhost right now: ---I have my personal shared space for my blog, few project sites, etc. ---For a non-profit I volunteer at, we have a VPS for our website that I help manage Also as well (not on Hawkhost) I manage a website for a large government agency on their own infrastructure, and have seen much in my 20 years experience on the interwebs. Performance: Of both of these has been nothing shy of amazing, the VPS server just doesn't quit no matter what kind of load we throw at it. We're fairly quiet most of the time but at certain times of the year we spike. Never an issue. My blog has never had any noticeable degradation either, just purrs like a kitten. Compare it to the big website I manage who gives me grief every now and again performance wise and I'm grateful Hawkhost doesn't give me much grief. Reliability: It really is nice going back to my non-profit's director's and telling them that I've had no unplanned downtime incidents since we've had the site :-) can't say that about the government agency I also work with... In conclusion: It just works out here :-)
  8. This sounds like you're setting up someplace away from Hawkhost since Hawkhost doesn't use VMWare. I'd suggest taking your question to another forum (or becoming a Hawkhost customer). Good luck!
  9. While some of those passwords I mentioned above are already integrated, the point I maintain will be that 100% integration of all logins out there is more a people problem than a technical problem. I don't think we'll ever get everyone to agree on all one format, and as tgonhawk mentioned, it's probably not even desirable or recommended.
  10. In defense of the "many passwords" problem, I don't see it as a Hosting problem, I see it as an industry problem. The Internet as it is today has evolved a need for so many services to run a site effectively, it takes many services to do what needs doing. Just to run a website: 1) Need to upload your data, FTP and/or Cpanel and/or Wordpress for users and passwords, all different people who created these software packages, all stuff Hawkhost didn't build and in many cases pre-dates Hawkhost's existence by a long shot. 2) Helpdesk, yet another person who created this software package 3) Billing, still another person etc.... Now then, to start consolidating logins, you're going to have to get the person who invented FTP, to agree to the same protocol that Wordpress, Cpanel and Helpdesk are all using. But oh that Billing guy is very disagreeable.... You'll never get everyone to agree on a format for a common login, period. Use something like LastPass (great password utility @ https://lastpass.com/) and grin and bear it. If you think this is bad, my work involves the maintenance of a very highly trafficked website for a big state government agency, I probably have forgotten more passwords than you could ever use with Hawkhost. Disclaimer: Not affiliated with Hawkhost, but been in the business too damn long.
  11. To expand on this a little, before becoming a reseller it may be helpful to: 1) Define what kind of support you'll provide to your customers 2) Learn more about what Hawkhost will/will not support to help you In a nutshell they'll help with the server stuff though they tend to shy away from application things, aka Wordpress crashed when you're a reseller. The expectation is you provide the application help. 3) So between that, identify where the gaps are and be prepared for that by augmenting your support or busting out the "for dummies" and learning say Wordpress yourself. Disclaim what you won't do to the customer. This reallly should be key for any reseller lest you "leave a customer hanging" and wind up with him flittering off to a more value packed reseller (or even hawkhost directly) annoyed that you can't help. Determine what your "value" will be as a reseller, or why come to you as opposed to just going to Hawkhost directly? Disclaimer/About me: Not affiliated with Hawkhost but have been employed by many a web hosting company and ran a small web hosting company myself in my past.
  12. Not sure I'm understanding the question, but I'll give it a shot: Radius servers are elsewhere typically, they have user names and passwords on another server, that you use to authenticate with the hotspot. Good article:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RADIUS Bottom line, if you don't have a RADIUS Server that you know of, this is not going to work. I'd suggest a Pre-Shared Key (also known as PSK) instead. That way you only need to remember one password. If you insist on RADIUS authentication you'll first have to locate/setup the RADIUS server, then setup your Wireless to work with the server.
  13. While I'm still a relative newb to the Kernel, I was curious about what version I was running on my VPS, so a quick screen from my SSH: [root@server ~]# uname -a Linux server 2.6.32-042stab113.11 #1 SMP Fri Dec 18 17:32:04 MSK 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Looking that up I couldn't help but think "Wait a sec, Hawkhost is giving me 2.6 kernels out of the Linux stone age? No way..." but then I ran the Kernel version by Google and find out it's really Kernel 4.7. Ok fair enough, saves Hawkhost a ticket... My question: Why don't the Kernel guys more accurately report? Anyone got the answer offhand?
  14. I can setup my own routines certainly, but didn't want to do anything redundant. Thanks!
  15. So the non-profit I'm working with had an old site on a GoDaddy shared plan, that was just hobbling along with 1 minute per page load times. Uggggh...I took over made a few initial improvements on GoDaddy, such as adding a Wordpress Cache plugin, etc. To speed things up, got page load times under 10 seconds. Then made a recommendation to get it off of GoDaddy and for extra growing room, let's consider a VPS. Of course with my favorite hosting guys at HawkHost. Got the server created, got the site moved, etc. My first load was already feeling a bit faster than GoDaddy... But wait, I didn't even activate the Cache Plugin for Wordpress yet....DAYUM! Very cool Hawkhost, very cool :-)