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  1. Our 2015 Black Friday hosting specials are posted!  You can save up to 75% on our awesome shared hosting! There are discounts for all of our services, including reseller, semi-dedicated, and VPS hosting. Check out our blog for full details about this years exciting Black Friday hosting coupons:  
  2. Shared Hosting Problem

    A 503 usually is related to your site / applications and not a server wide issue. If you haven't already I'd suggest reaching out to our support team ( so they can look at your account and try to replicate the issues / provide a fix.
  3. Hosting migration and website preview

    All of our hosting plans include free migration support so there is no extra fee for that. It sounds like your current host uses cPanel which in that case we can do a complete migration which will move all your sites, files, databases, etc. We also provide a preview URL with all accounts so you can preview the site(s)/forum before you flip the DNS to verify there are no errors or configuration problems. Once your account with us is setup/active you'd just need to submit a ticket to our support team through the helpdesk and they can handle the rest from there :)
  4. This has been fixed and you should see the account credit balance once you've logged into the client area dashboard.
  5. Legal adult content allowed?

    All of our hosting plans allow adult content. You should select the plan that suits your technical needs, which in most cases would be a shared hosting ( package. If you need more resources but still a shared environment then you'd opt for semi-dedicated, and a VPS would be if you needed complete control over the entire hosting environment.
  6. Let's talk notifications here...

    That's very strange then because we started the cPanel updates at about 1PMEST. As far as I know we weren't doing any maintenance/upgrades that early but now I'm going to triple-check out internal chat logs and notes to make sure. If you want to have this investigated further / get some more account specific replies feel free to submit a ticket while referencing this thread and we'll handle that accordingly. Either way I'm sorry about how we handled this. It's not a mistake I expect to repeat and I want to make sure we're more diligent about posting status updates for any extended issues (minor as they may be).
  7. Let's talk notifications here...

    Yesterday was a bit of an anomaly with the cPanel updates. We've been running them for years now without any disruption to services or major issues, the biggest problem would be customers couldn't login to cPanel for maybe ten or fifteen minutes. For some reason (which is still being investigated) we had a number of updates fail yesterday which, while frustrating, didn't cause extended issues. There was only one server that I'm aware of where we had email issues that lasted about two hours. You're right in that we should have updated the status page when this happened but truth be told we didn't expect the update/fix to take as long as it did, and we simply overlooked updating the status page while trying to debug the issues. We'll be better about that next time. You mentioned your email and cPanel weren't working all day which is very concerning to me because as I said we only had one server experience about two hours of connectivity issues for cPanel logins and receiving emails. If the services were down all day then it's likely something else was at play here that we weren't aware of and that is definitely something we'd want to investigate further.
  8. Domain name redirects are available without a hosting plan, you'd just need to use the nameservers we provide for this functionality. Please contact our billing department once your domain is registered for the correct set of nameservers to use. Unfortunately though domain masking on the redirects isn't available.
  9. IP Migration

    We will keep the old IP online/routed for approximately 24 hours (could be up to 48, but 24 minimum) after the migration is completed.
  10. We did have a brief network event in Dallas yesterday around 7:30PM EST. It was quickly resolved and full connectivity was restored in less than 5 minutes. With that said if you continue to experience these issues please let us know so we can investigate further.
  11. Career page / HR contact

    You can submit this information via email ( or through just be sure to ask for the message to be escalated to management. Thank you!
  12. How to login if Password and Secret Question forget?

    If you've forgotten both your password and security question then our billing team will need to reset your security question for you. Before this is done we'll need to verify your account ownership.   Please submit a ticket to our billing department at https://support.hawkhost.comfor further assistance. Our team will work with you to verify your ownership/identity and then help you regain access to your account accordingly.
  13. Pre Sale Doubt related to SMTP

    It sounds like you may need a custom solution, or at least a mailing service/configuration option which allows you to have a lot of control over how the mail server is setup. Our services provide all the basic features needed to use email (create accounts, send/receive, use filters, whitelists/blacklists, etc) but it's all pretty defined within our control panel. What you're doing may be possible through our tools + SpamExperts ( but a lot of it would need to be done manually, which may not scale properly depending on how many users end up using your application.
  14. how to move the hosting on the same server

    If you need to restore a full cPanel backup that is something our support team would need to handle for you, as customers won't have access to the tools necessary to do a full cPanel restore. If you're referring to moving certain addon domains between accounts then generally you'd need to remove the addon domain from the old account, transfer the files, and then re-add the domain as an addon domain to the new hosting plan.
  15. Pre Sale Doubt related to SMTP

    If I understand what you're trying to do correctly it sounds like creating a separate mailing list for subscribed/paid users might be the best approach instead of taking a default-deny/blacklist approach to all domains and then only whitelisting certain domains/addresses once they've paid. We do offer free mailing list software through Softaculous ( so you could create/maintain a list of approved recipients that way.   As for the outbound email limits they're 500 per hour on shared/reseller plans, 2,000 per hour on semi-dedicated plans and there is no outbound limit on a VPS.   You will also likely receive faster replies from us if you open a sales ticket at https://support.hawkhost.comwith your questions. Our helpdesk is staffed 24/7 so you're going to receive replies to any follow up questions much faster than on our forums.