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  1. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    We offer free migration services with all hosting plans and orders. It looks like SiteGround uses cPanel like we do so we'll be able to do a full migration (sites, files, databases, emails, etc.).
  2. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    The coupon you received from the site would be expired at this point however if you contact our sales team prior to signing up we can provide you with an active 30% recurring coupon code to use on the new order.
  3. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    Absolutely! Our team can assist with the upgrade and with moving all your sites/files from the shared plan to the semi-dedicated plan should you choose to upgrade and you'll continue to receive the 30% recurring discount once you're on the new plan
  4. Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?

    Good morning! Our talon semi-dedicated plan is $49.99/mo when paying monthly so with the 30% discount that would be $34.99/mo for that package. The $28.00/mo pricing you came to would be correct if you were to pre-pay two years in advance while using the same 30% discount. You may also want to look at our professional shared plan: -- this package is more affordable than the talon plan however it will still provide the disk space you need. The shared plans offer 1CPU, 1GB RAM, and 5Mb/s IO whereas talon semi-dedicated would have 2CPUs, 2GB RAM, and 10Mb/s IO limits. If you don't think you'd need the extra CPU/RAM/disk then the shared plan may work for you!
  5. Lots of clouds and great hosting

    Thanks for considering our hosting! It sounds like Cloudflare would be a useful service for you as their CDN features will distribute and cache your sites content across their global network so the content is served from the server closest to your visitors and not always from your account with us directly. Let us know if you have any other questions about our services!
  6. When do you backup your website?

    The backup processes do fail at times. Usually when it happens we only lose 1 or 2 days so the most recent backups may not be available but older backups would be available. There are scenarios in which we're unable to take backups for extended periods of time (7+ days) on individual servers and while it's very rare it does happen which is why we urge clients to keep their own backups.
  7. When do you backup your website?

    That's a really good approach to take! We do take backups of all customer accounts (files, databases, emails, etc.) once per day and store them for 7 days but there are times where those backups aren't available, so we urge clients to keep their own regular offsite backups. The amount of time it takes to download regular backups is nothing compared to the time it may take to repair a corrupt site manually or to try and rebuild it from scratch if you don't have a recent backup!
  8. dal009

    The server list section of the forums is no longer maintained and hasn't been for years (we should probably remove it). We used that years and years ago when we were a much smaller company and only had a few servers to manage, however as we've grown it's no longer practical to maintain a forum for each server. We have a status page at which we use for any maintenance windows, extended outages, etc.
  9. Hawkhost Brandname

    I'm afraid that would not be allowed and would be a violation of our affiliate TOS. You cannot use our company name in your domain name in that nature, however you could register a generic domain like (just an example) and create
  10. Couple of small Client area questions

    Generally speaking that's correct, "Add Funds" transactions are usually non-refundable. We will make exceptions to this (say you add funds and then a day later decide you've changed your mind) but our official policy is that those payments are non-refundable. That's the best way to sort domains currently. I agree that a filter would be nice so you can completely "remove" expired/canceled domains from the list but unfortunately that's not an option currently so sorting would be the way to go.
  11. Couple of small Client area questions

    Good morning! 1) Unfortunately this is not possible, we need to keep the expired domains and services on file for our records / logs. As a result we cannot permanently delete them from your account. 2) We have some flexibility with renewal dates when it comes to hosting services but for domains those renewal dates are fixed by the registry and cannot be modified. What we can do is generate the domain renewal invoices early and manually merge them together. That would require a support ticket as it would be a manual process.
  12. Business Email - Google Suit?

    If you're using Cloudflare on your domain it's possible that is causing issues with Gmail resolving the right server hostname. Instead of using you should try using the server hostname (you can find this in cPanel and your client area) as that will resolve directly to the machine itself and not proxy through Cloudflare. If I'm understanding your intended setup properly then forwarding should not be necessary, you can use the Gmail integration to send/receive emails directly without first having to setup a forwarder in cPanel. That would be done through the Gmail settings previously mentioned, just make sure you fill out both the SMTP and POP3 server details. Lastly for auto-deleting emails that is not something we offer unfortunately. I know we've had customers setup custom solutions in the past involving basic scripts and cronjobs so it's possible but just not something we have a native tool for.
  13. Pending

    Hi! If your order is pending still this likely means it either hasn't passed our fraud check or we've encountered an error registering the domain which requires your action. Please check your client area at for open tickets from our billing team regarding a pending order.
  14. Business Email - Google Suit?

    Hello! All of our hosting plans do include email so you can setup email accounts through your existing hosting plan. We also offer SpamExperts filtering for free on both incoming and outgoing emails so you'll be protected from spam, UCE, malware, etc. from hitting your inbox. Now if you prefer to continue using the Gmail interface it is also possible to associate your email address(es) that's hosted through us to your Gmail account. You can do that by logging into Gmail and then go to "Settings => Forwarding and POP/IMAP". This would be done once you create your email address with us in cPanel as you'll need your server name, password, and other settings. Lastly if you did choose to host your email through GSuite you can modify your domains MX records (assuming we're hosting your DNS) through cPanel using the 'Zone Editor' interface.
  15. Access wp admin dashboard

    Hello! If you need to modify a WP installation for a site that is not yet hosted through us then you'd have two options. The first would be to use your accounts preview URL to access the installation and the second option would be to modify your local systems hosts file to manually point the domain name to your shared IP. Both options will allow you to access the WP admin dashboard without first changing the nameservers/DNS until you're ready to host the site with us. If you need help getting this working please contact our helpdesk through so we can pull up your account and provide more specific guidance