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  1. If you're looking to point a domain you've registered with us to a third party via DNS then we'll need to enable DNS management on your domain, assuming you're not using their nameservers. If you submit a ticket to our team at and mention the domain name you need help with we can get you taken care of
  2. Railgun is available for both shared and semi-dedicated plans in our Singapore datacenter
  3. Perfect! If you have any other issues just let us know. Thanks for signing up with us
  4. Your FTP username/password are indeed the same as your cPanel login details. The cPanel password was included in your "New Account Information" email that you should have received when the account was first setup. If you don't see that email in your inbox please check your junk/spam folder as sometimes they get mistakenly filtered. You can also view your accounts email history through the client area at You can always do a cPanel password reset as well. Instructions on how to do that can be found here: If you're still unable to login to FTP after confirming you're using the right cPanel details then it's possible your IP was temporarily blocked by our firewall for multiple failed login attempts. Our support team can remove any IP blocks if that's the case, you would just need to submit a ticket by either emailing support or going through
  5. Sorry for the issues! You're right in that the client area and cPanel do have separate logins, unfortunately those systems have not been fully merged as far as logins go. With that being said you can fully manage your hosting account through the client area so there is not necessarily a need to login to cPanel directly. That management can be accessed through your client area at -- once you're on that page click on the service in question and then click 'Management' under the left side 'Actions' menu.
  6. Was this issue resolved with our helpdesk team through your ticket? If not please let me know the ticket ID so I can followup and get your site accessible and online
  7. Please request this information in your open ticket with our helpdesk team. This is not information we would publicly post on a forum that other visitors could read.
  8. As mentioned in the ticket you posted your refund was processed on our side already. You should contact your bank/card issuer for more details about the status of the refund as it's out of our control at this point. If you need more details about the refund please update your ticket but I can assure you we have no interest in misleading you about the status of us processing your refund.
  9. Our team can help move your account to a new location. Please submit a ticket at with this request and we'll get everything migrated to Singapore for you
  10. Our reseller plans include 24/7 support from our team so if you encounter any issues we can certainly attempt to help you figure them out. Even if your issue is outside the scope of our support we can usually advise you on the best way to go about fixing the problem.
  11. It's likely you don't have the 'mysqli' extension enabled for the PHP version you're using. You can fix this by logging into cPanel for your account and then search for 'Select PHP Version'. From this interface you can enable/disable PHP extensions and also modify your PHP settings under 'Switch to PHP Settings'.
  12. Any account cancellations or billing issues should be taken up with our helpdesk team so they can pull up your account details. If you contact them through with your concerns I'm sure we'll be able to figure something out for you
  13. Your outbound connections from our server are likely being blocked due to using a non-standard port. If you contact our helpdesk team and give us a list of IPs/hostnames you need to connect to, or the port(s) you need opened, we should be able to whitelist them so you can connect
  14. I've opened a ticket on your account and have removed your email from this post just in case it gets picked up by spammers, though how you formatted it you were likely safe anyway