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  1. Good morning! That's not a suspended page but instead just a default cPanel page for a few scenarios. It looks like you're using third party DNS / nameservers so you've likely pointed your DNS A record to the wrong IP. You can contact our support team to find out your sites shared IP address or you can login to cPanel and then click 'Server Information' in your top right 'General Information' interface. Under server information it will show your accounts IP address.
  2. Good morning! You should be able to access webmail using -- you're going to get a certificate warning because you're accessing over SSL and the FQDN isn't one that our mail/server SSL certificate is issued for. You can safely accept the cert though since you know it's valid in this case. Accessing webmail using that URL should get you around the blocked ports on your local network. Hope this helps!
  3. Good morning! Below are the answers you need, hope this helps! The $7.99/mo pricing is the per month price when you pre-pay 2 years in advance. The pricing for the plan per term is: Monthly: $9.99/mo Annually: $107.88 ($8.99/mo) Biennially: $191.76 ($7.99/mo) We do not charge VAT on any invoices. You can indeed choose your location right on our order form. For shared hosting we have Amsterdam, Singapore, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC, and Hong Kong available. ( 4. Finally and one of my main reasons for looking to move hosts. My current host only supports spamassassin and even with some strict configuration and a lot of filtering in Thunderbird a lot is still getting through. As I understand you have SpamExperts which may be a better solution. You can't get realtime notifications but you can schedule/generate a user report that will include the emails that were flagged as spam and quarantined. You can also view your quarantine at any time through your control panel. You can create an IMAP account to view the quarantine and also drag/drop emails that get through our filter mistakenly into that quarantine so they're flagged as spam in the future. If the user removes the emails via IMAP the system would still have been trained but they would be permanently deleted. SpamExperts runs in front of the hosting servers so regardless of how you access email (webmail, local email client, any protocol) it would all pass through the SE filters before hitting your inbox. That's correct. Our team will handle moving your files/databases and then once the migration is done you would just need to update your nameservers/DNS to point to us.
  4. It looks like this issue was resolved in ticket ID ZUS-559-78564 with our abuse department. You should be able to review full details of this incident there
  5. You would use the preview URL included in your 'New Account Information' email. That URL looks like In the above example you'd replace the server name with your server, enter your username after the ~, and then the path to your test install within your public_html directory. If you contact our support team asking for the preview URL for your account they can give you the exact link to use.
  6. Unfortunately I'm not sure what you're looking to do is possible through the file manager. I don't believe there is a way to generate a bulk list of URLs for each file hosted under a specific directory.
  7. I will see about getting this done and then edit our original post if we're able to get one made. Thanks!
  8. I'm afraid what you're asking isn't clear to us. Could you please clarify / provide more details or even send us a screenshot of what you're looking at? Thank you!
  9. Thanks for your order! It looks like the account has been setup at this time so you should have received your "New Account Information" email with all your login details. If you have any other questions please contact our support team ( and they'll get you taken care of. Cheers
  10. Could you please let us know what error(s) you're getting when trying to send email through Outlook? Depending on the error the issue may be easy to fix but you may want to consider reaching out to our helpdesk team ( for assistance with this. That way they can pull up your account details, logs, etc, and try to replicate this problem directly. That unfortunately isn't something we'd be able to do through these forums.
  11. You are correct that running a cron every minute would be * * * * *. cPanels 'Cron Jobs' interface has a visual interface you can use to set these up if shell/SSH isn't your preferred method. If you've got a ticket open it's best to follow up there so we've got all your account details available to us. You'll also receive a much faster reply when dealing with our helpdesk team directly compared to trying to go through our forums for support.
  12. It looks like your current host uses cPanel so in that case we can do a full account migration which includes all your files, domains, databases, emails, etc. You would just need to provide our transfers/support team with either a full cPanel backup or the login details to your old hosts control panel. Changing your main domain name is also possible, we can do all that once your migration is completed.
  13. Unfortunately we do not have Railgun available in Amsterdam right now. Railgun is available in all of our other locations (Washington DC, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Singapore).
  14. If you're looking to point a domain you've registered with us to a third party via DNS then we'll need to enable DNS management on your domain, assuming you're not using their nameservers. If you submit a ticket to our team at and mention the domain name you need help with we can get you taken care of
  15. Railgun is available for both shared and semi-dedicated plans in our Singapore datacenter