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  1. cPanel and rvskin hell

    It's likely you're unable to modify your theme once you've changed to RVSkin, certain themes remove the ability to revert through cPanel. If you contact our support/helpdesk team they can switch you back to paper lantern (or any other theme you'd like that we offer).
  2. This is an issue that would best be investigated via ticket given the details required and scope of problem. If you've already worked with our support team and aren't satisfied with the answers you've received please just ask for your ticket to be escalated so our level II support team can investigate for you.
  3. The emails you're getting are from our automated file scanner which looks for known malware/infections in files you're attempting to upload. As indicated a handful of your files are being detected as malicious or having some malicious code in them. If you contact our support team we can manually review the results from your account to see if it's a false-positive but in most cases the scanner is accurate and the files do actually contain infected code.
  4. That load time is relatively fast, and your site seems to be loading very quickly from the locations we've tested. If you've already disabled all extra plugins and optimized the site then the load times you're seeing are likely due to the latency between your site / our network and the servers performing the speedtests.
  5. Possibly moving to HawkHost - Question

    Good morning! Thanks for checking out our hosting! DNS propagation (at least for 95% of providers/ISPs) nowadays certainly doesn't take that long. In our experience it's usually only a few hours, if that. Technically speaking as well once you change the nameservers the site(s) would be online/accessible, the only people who'd have issues accessing it would be the ones who are still cached to the old IP. I would not recommend using two sets of nameservers during a migration. Let me know if you've got any other questions. Alternatively our sales team ( can help you via ticket if you want to go that route instead (you'll likely get a quicker response through a ticket compared to our forums). Cheers!
  6. Host Domain IP Issue

    In cases where your site is deindexed or losing rankings it's usually due to your content on your site and not your shared IP. With that said this is something best investigated via ticket so we can pull up your account details and look further into this. Please contact our support department through and provide as much detail as possible so we can have a look for you. Thank you!
  7. In the interest of not revealing your account details on a public forum (including your username, temporary URL, pointing out issues, etc) I don't want to pore over this line by line in this thread. What I can say without revealing anything is that generally speaking any missing images or CSS on preview/temp URLs is due to how the content is being linked (relative paths vs URLs, for example). I'm also not seeing an index.html file in your public_html directory currently so that's why the directory listing is showing. When I add one as a test it displays the index file and no longer shows the directory listing. If you haven't already I would recommend contacting our support team via helpdesk for clarifying any final questions/issues here.
  8. You can access your site(s)/files using a preview URL. That URL should have been included in your "New Account Information" email. It will resemble something like (replace the IP with your accounts IP and the username with your username). As for FTP, the hostname you connect to would be the hostname of the server you're on or your accounts IP address. That information can also be found in your account information email under the FTP section. If you're not sure where to find any of that info please contact our helpdesk team ( so we can pull up your account and provide you those specific details. Thank you!
  9. My account status is still pending

    Hello! This is being handled in ticket ID LSA-158-38661 with our helpdesk team. We'll get things sorted out for you through there
  10. Hosting pending

    It looks like your order has been setup at this point so you should have received your "New Account Information" email with all the account details to get started. If you don't see this email in your inbox please check your junk/spam folder in case it was accidentally filtered. Thanks for signing up with us!
  11. This Account has been suspended

    This indicates your account/websites have been suspended, though there are a number of reasons this may have happened. I would recommend submitting a support ticket through so our helpdesk team can pull up your account and provide you with detailed information specific to your account. Thank you!
  12. how to increase max upload size?

    Hello! To increase your PHP max upload size, along with all your other PHP settings, you should: Login to cPanel => Use the search to find 'Select PHP Version' => From there, click 'Switch to PHP Settings' If you'd like our helpdesk support team can do this for you as well!
  13. Shared -> Reseller -> VPS, too many options

    Thanks for having them sign up with us! The process of moving from a shared plan to a reseller is rather simple and our team can handle the entire migration for you. Even with migrating multiple shared accounts into the reseller plan it's a very straightforward process. Since you're working with multiple shared accounts what we'd do first is upgrade your one cPanel account to a reseller account (involves moving to a new server), change its permissions, setup WHM access, etc, making it the primary account on the new reseller. We'd then migrate any other remaining cPanel account(s) you have to the reseller account. All said and done it only takes a few hours to complete. The process of moving to a VPS is basically the same (order a VPS, get it setup, migrate the account(s), update your DNS) though the only caveat there is you would need to order a cPanel/WHM license with the VPS for our team to assist with the migration. Hope you're enjoying the holidays!
  14. Host StatusPending

    Good morning! It looks like your order / account have been setup. While there was a bit of a delay it certainly wasn't 24 hours, and this was due to the order requiring a manual review since it did not pass our automated fraud check. Thanks for your patience!
  15. My Shared Hosting still PENDING

    Hello! It looks like your order did not pass our initial fraud check and required a manual review before it could be verified/approved, hence the delay. At this time I'm seeing your service as active so you should have received your "New Account Information" email with all the account details needed to login + start setting up your website. Thanks for signing up with us!