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  1. Hosting pending

    It looks like your order has been setup at this point so you should have received your "New Account Information" email with all the account details to get started. If you don't see this email in your inbox please check your junk/spam folder in case it was accidentally filtered. Thanks for signing up with us!
  2. This Account has been suspended

    This indicates your account/websites have been suspended, though there are a number of reasons this may have happened. I would recommend submitting a support ticket through so our helpdesk team can pull up your account and provide you with detailed information specific to your account. Thank you!
  3. how to increase max upload size?

    Hello! To increase your PHP max upload size, along with all your other PHP settings, you should: Login to cPanel => Use the search to find 'Select PHP Version' => From there, click 'Switch to PHP Settings' If you'd like our helpdesk support team can do this for you as well!
  4. Shared -> Reseller -> VPS, too many options

    Thanks for having them sign up with us! The process of moving from a shared plan to a reseller is rather simple and our team can handle the entire migration for you. Even with migrating multiple shared accounts into the reseller plan it's a very straightforward process. Since you're working with multiple shared accounts what we'd do first is upgrade your one cPanel account to a reseller account (involves moving to a new server), change its permissions, setup WHM access, etc, making it the primary account on the new reseller. We'd then migrate any other remaining cPanel account(s) you have to the reseller account. All said and done it only takes a few hours to complete. The process of moving to a VPS is basically the same (order a VPS, get it setup, migrate the account(s), update your DNS) though the only caveat there is you would need to order a cPanel/WHM license with the VPS for our team to assist with the migration. Hope you're enjoying the holidays!
  5. Host StatusPending

    Good morning! It looks like your order / account have been setup. While there was a bit of a delay it certainly wasn't 24 hours, and this was due to the order requiring a manual review since it did not pass our automated fraud check. Thanks for your patience!
  6. My Shared Hosting still PENDING

    Hello! It looks like your order did not pass our initial fraud check and required a manual review before it could be verified/approved, hence the delay. At this time I'm seeing your service as active so you should have received your "New Account Information" email with all the account details needed to login + start setting up your website. Thanks for signing up with us!
  7. Unable to upload any file on the server

    This could be due to a number of reasons. What we'd suggest doing is logging into cPanel directly and using the File Manager in there, or alternatively use FTP to upload your files. Using FTP with a client like FileZilla is going to be more effective and fail far less often compared to relying on the cPanel File Manager for uploads.
  8. We have been informed by our Los Angeles facilities provider that a power component has shown signs of failure and needs to be replaced immediately. As a result they will be performing maintenance on Tuesday, December 15th beginning at 1:45AM PST (GMT -08:00) and ending at 5:00AM PST (GMT -08:00). This maintenance will be service impacting, meaning any services you have with us in our Los Angeles location will be offline through the duration of the maintenance. Expected actual downtime is 90 minutes however the window has been opened for 3 hours in case of unexpected issues. This maintenance is only for our Los Angeles datacenter. Date: Tuesday December 15th Start Time: 1:45AM PST (GMT -08:00) End Time: 5:00AM PST (GMT -08:00) Expected Downtime: 90 Minutes Location: Los Angeles CA Maintenance Type: Service Impacting (total loss of connectivity) As always our support team will be available during this maintenance window. If you have any questions please contact our support department at Thank you for your understanding!
  9. Our 2015 Black Friday hosting specials are posted!  You can save up to 75% on our awesome shared hosting! There are discounts for all of our services, including reseller, semi-dedicated, and VPS hosting. Check out our blog for full details about this years exciting Black Friday hosting coupons:  
  10. Shared Hosting Problem

    A 503 usually is related to your site / applications and not a server wide issue. If you haven't already I'd suggest reaching out to our support team ( so they can look at your account and try to replicate the issues / provide a fix.
  11. Hosting migration and website preview

    All of our hosting plans include free migration support so there is no extra fee for that. It sounds like your current host uses cPanel which in that case we can do a complete migration which will move all your sites, files, databases, etc. We also provide a preview URL with all accounts so you can preview the site(s)/forum before you flip the DNS to verify there are no errors or configuration problems. Once your account with us is setup/active you'd just need to submit a ticket to our support team through the helpdesk and they can handle the rest from there :)
  12. This has been fixed and you should see the account credit balance once you've logged into the client area dashboard.
  13. Legal adult content allowed?

    All of our hosting plans allow adult content. You should select the plan that suits your technical needs, which in most cases would be a shared hosting ( package. If you need more resources but still a shared environment then you'd opt for semi-dedicated, and a VPS would be if you needed complete control over the entire hosting environment.
  14. Let's talk notifications here...

    That's very strange then because we started the cPanel updates at about 1PMEST. As far as I know we weren't doing any maintenance/upgrades that early but now I'm going to triple-check out internal chat logs and notes to make sure. If you want to have this investigated further / get some more account specific replies feel free to submit a ticket while referencing this thread and we'll handle that accordingly. Either way I'm sorry about how we handled this. It's not a mistake I expect to repeat and I want to make sure we're more diligent about posting status updates for any extended issues (minor as they may be).
  15. Let's talk notifications here...

    Yesterday was a bit of an anomaly with the cPanel updates. We've been running them for years now without any disruption to services or major issues, the biggest problem would be customers couldn't login to cPanel for maybe ten or fifteen minutes. For some reason (which is still being investigated) we had a number of updates fail yesterday which, while frustrating, didn't cause extended issues. There was only one server that I'm aware of where we had email issues that lasted about two hours. You're right in that we should have updated the status page when this happened but truth be told we didn't expect the update/fix to take as long as it did, and we simply overlooked updating the status page while trying to debug the issues. We'll be better about that next time. You mentioned your email and cPanel weren't working all day which is very concerning to me because as I said we only had one server experience about two hours of connectivity issues for cPanel logins and receiving emails. If the services were down all day then it's likely something else was at play here that we weren't aware of and that is definitely something we'd want to investigate further.