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    Physical location move

    Hi! There is no cost for this type of move, our support team can handle this for you and we'll move your entire account (files, databases, emails, etc.). All you'd need to do is submit a support ticket with this request and usually we'd have it completed within two hours!
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    Hello! Can you please confirm which settings should we use in order to enable Object Cache in our WordPress sites with Redis? Following these instructions (https://blog.hawkhost.com/2017/10/20/introducing-cpanel-application-manager-redis-support/), in our HawkHost CPanel: Server Application Manager -> Redis enabled. PHP Selector | extensions -> Redis active. In our WordPress plugins, I have set up these settings: Method: Redis Host: /home/ourusername/.applicationmanager/redis.sock Port: 0 (As HawkHost uses UNIX) Default Object Lifetime: 360 seconds Password: (leave blank) Redis Database ID: 0 Also these options enabled: Persistent Connection: ON Store Transients: ON I have tested with https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/litespeed-cache/ and https://wordpress.org/plugins/redis-cache/. But with both, right now I'm getting that Redis Extension: Disabled/Not Found, so any assistance would be really appreciated. Many thanks!
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    I'd like to suggest an option to upgrade not just storage/disk space, but CPU and Ram on the semi-dedicated servers.
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    please provide me quality backlinks

    hello ... i am a hawk hosted loyal customer. This is my second domain of hawk host after the first one i consider fail because the rating is not up and down in search engine.hikss..hikss Please help give me hint or backlink on my web https://www.obataborsigastrul.net for errors not to happen again on this web, so the rating can increase.Thank you