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  2. HTTPS

    Thanks - that worked.
  3. HTTPS

    You'll want to login to cPanel for your hosting plan and navigate to the "Let's Encrypt" interface to install your SSL certificates if they aren't being added automatically. Simply re-directing via .htaccess won't work if there isn't an SSL certificate on the domain already. Our KB article can guide you through this as well:
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  5. HTTPS

    Do I have to do anything special to make use of this? Can I just redirect pages via htacess from http to https without doing any other steps? UPDATE: When I try to access my site using Firefox says this: Your connection is not secure The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. Learn moreā€¦ (link to Mozilla explanatory site) Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
  6. HTTPS

    Our shared web hosting servers automatically have SSL certificates issued via Let's Encrypt which means every domain with us should have a valid SSL certificate they can use. Also a fun fact - we officially sponsor Let's Encrypt - Our internal properties (our main website, support system and client area have always used SSL) will be 100% SSL enabled in the next week or so. We've been migrating some of our stuff which is why we've held off on that.
  7. HTTPS

    You don't really have a dedicated forum section for asking questions, hence why I post this, here. Are Hawk Host servers going to all transition to HTTPS, from HTTP?
  8. Completely satisfied with Hawkhost

    Six-monthly update: Everything still A-OK. There have a been a few short periods of downtime, amounting to about 1 1/2 hours in the last 4 months. That is 99.955% uptime. Keep it up guys - I will be renewing for another year!
  9. About Customer Reviews

    I'm not sure about open source software however I've seen a few companies use which looks pretty nice and integrates nicely into websites. They may be worth checking out.
  10. About Customer Reviews

    Could anyone tell me which online customers review software may I use
  11. That's exactly the format you'd want to use so you're good and shouldn't run into any issues with SPF record problems going forward.
  12. Updating SPF Records Can it Be Done Automatically?

    Actually after still some more tinkering, this works like a charm: v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:<<primary IP Address>> -all Also note the -all, so there are no soft fails. If you're not you can reject.
  13. Updating SPF Records Can it Be Done Automatically?

    Going to try this then: v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:<<primary server IP Address>> +ip4:<<current server IP Address>> +ip4:<<Prior server IP Address>> ~all (deliberately snipped IP Addresses) Thing that's durable enough?
  14. The best solution would be to add an include to your spf record to include "" . This encompasses all our mailing IP's so you'd never need to worry about it again. Any new account with us actually has this record added automatically.
  15. Noticed today my IP Address for my outgoing mail changed. No big deal typically, but it knocked my SPF Record out of whack and was hurting my outgoing email's spam score with a soft fail on SPF. Is there an easy way to automate this to "Anything Hawkhost changed my IP to for outgoing mail, I promise it's not Spam. If it's anything else but that server drop that crappy email like a hot potato."
  16. More good news from Hawkhost

    Which feature did you end up utilizing?
  17. More good news from Hawkhost

    Posts to the Hawkhost blog are kind of sporadic, but it seems they almost always bear good news of one kind or another. This recent post for June is no exception, announcing lots of enhancements to the service (hopefully without breaking anything). Within an hour of reading it, I was able to make good use of one of the features mentioned! Keep up the great work guys - you have a great service and it just keeps getting better.
  18. So the non-profit organization I work for is getting tired of the canned wordpress themes out there and is willing to shake loose a few bucks for a custom one. I'm just curious if anyone in this forum has some free time on their hands and is willing to do something for cheap that's one of a kind. Any takers?
  19. Thanks for your suggestion! We've often considered opening a location in India and we've had discussions on this as recently as the past few months, so it's definitely something we've looked into! At the moment I'm afraid we don't have any immediate plans to open up a location in India however it would absolutely be on our short list for our next expansion
  20. Images won't load on custom scripts?

    You'd be best to contact our helpdesk team ( for assistance with this as there are simply too many variables to take a guess what might be causing this. They should be able to look through your error logs to determine what is blocking the images from being displayed
  21. Just a request to please add India as a new location option for shared hosting environment. Singapore servers give very high pings even worst than that of US. I have tried China as well. Can you guys please add India as new location option for Asian users ?? Here are my PING Test Results: (These ping results are tested for ip addresses mentioned at this page Dallas 338 ms Washington 270ms Toronto Canada 406ms California 500ms Some nearby locations which should give low pings but not working as it should Singapore 411ms Netherlands 537ms China 387ms I request you guys to please add India as new location for your hosting services.
  22. Every time I install any custom script images won't load. Can anybody tell me why is that so. Please the scripts works fine when I viewed offline on wamp. P.S : The captcha system for registration is true shit
  23. You can find the hardware specs on VPS Here: Beyond that, it's pretty much what tgonhawk said. VPS is pretty much a "Do It Yourself" option for hosting. Hawkhost gives you a (Virtual) server, an operating system and some optional bits of software (Paid typically) and you're off from there. It's a very skeletal configuration to start and you'll need to shape in your own image. ...and I wouldn't have this any other way. In the VPS hosting world I'd prefer to call all the shots on performance, security and stability myself.
  24. Amsterdam server + Form Tools

    Thank you Tony for your reassurance, it will be Amsterdam for me then. I must say it is very encouraging to see the actual CEO so active on a forum.
  25. Amsterdam server + Form Tools

    Our Amsterdam location was unavailable for a short period of time but right now we have plenty of capacity and can easily now add capacity as necessary. You should see an option to order hosting in that location. For the actual migration it's typically best you disable features that there is user input as information will get out of sync. What users typically do is order hosting and then disable their forums, forms etc. and ask for our team to migrate the site. Once our team has migrated the site the user enables the features again on our systems. Then any new data is only added to our systems. Along with that if your host uses cPanel we can migrate accounts in just a few hours typically (unless the host is slow or blocks backups). So you don't even need to worry about domain changes if you don't want to. Your sites sound fine in a shared environment so you shouldn't need to worry about that aspect. They'll be very fast on our servers, I have no doubt about that.
  26. Amsterdam server + Form Tools

    Having fully checked out the Hawkhost website and read through some of this forum I am satisfied Hawkhost should meet my needs and intend to sign up for shared hosting on or around 1st of June. My current provider is Arvixe who were of course bought out by AIG over 2 years ago and since then the service has deteriorated to a point where I am actually prepared to pay a little more for what will hopefully be a better service. So here's my position: I have 2 main websites and a small handful of subdomains, the whole lot is under half a Gb. At the moment one of my main sites is on a subdomain of which is the domain name I have owned for many years, but I intend to register a new name for site 2 because it has "come of age". My audience for both sites predominantly live in UK & Europe so ideally I would like my site to be hosted there. Now is this still possible because I took the liberty of going through the purchasing system weeks ago and the Amsterdam option said FULL although it still seemed to accept my input. Of course I did not actually purchase hosting. If Amsterdam is not available Washington servers tested pretty good to my local also. Second & last is Formtools. Whilst I accept that Hawkhost can easily transfer my files & databases etc. I am wondering if having 2 installations of that software on different servers for up to a month whilst I am migrating will effect my form submissions because I have no experience of that. I am assuming that deactivating forms on site A will still allow submissions on site B if the whole thing is cloned. My needs are relatively small and I don't overburden servers or require Wordpress or other such resource gobbling addons because I can design & build my own websites and am always mindful of size & speed. I have a combined monthly page load of under 10,000 all of which are lightweight although do use shtml where needed and restrict page caching to some extent. I hardly use domain name emails as I prefer Googles service.
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