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  4. When do you backup your website?

    The backup processes do fail at times. Usually when it happens we only lose 1 or 2 days so the most recent backups may not be available but older backups would be available. There are scenarios in which we're unable to take backups for extended periods of time (7+ days) on individual servers and while it's very rare it does happen which is why we urge clients to keep their own backups.
  5. When do you backup your website?

    Can you elaborate on that a little? Does that mean "the backups exist, but there might be a delay in using them" OR, more ominously "sometimes the backup process fails and there are no backups for a certain time in the past" ? If there are daily backups kept for 7 days, then there should be 7 fairly recent backups, and it would seem that no matter what, even if there is some problem, some of them should always be available. That may not be good enough for some, but it is better than nothing in any case!
  6. When do you backup your website?

    That's a really good approach to take! We do take backups of all customer accounts (files, databases, emails, etc.) once per day and store them for 7 days but there are times where those backups aren't available, so we urge clients to keep their own regular offsite backups. The amount of time it takes to download regular backups is nothing compared to the time it may take to repair a corrupt site manually or to try and rebuild it from scratch if you don't have a recent backup!
  7. dal009

    The server list section of the forums is no longer maintained and hasn't been for years (we should probably remove it). We used that years and years ago when we were a much smaller company and only had a few servers to manage, however as we've grown it's no longer practical to maintain a forum for each server. We have a status page at which we use for any maintenance windows, extended outages, etc.
  8. dal009

    I've noticed this server isn't listed in the 'Server' forum, any reason for this? Is it a new server?
  9. When do you backup your website?

    First post here. Been with HawkHost since Nov of last year, so fairly new, but I know of them, and heard many great things about them over on WHT. Hi all! Just a bit of a maintenance. question for you all. I download a backup a few times a month, I put calendar reminders to remind me to do it. If I've made a significant change to my website, and I am a happy with it, I'll usually go right ahead and backup right there and then.
  10. Hawkhost Brandname

    I'm afraid that would not be allowed and would be a violation of our affiliate TOS. You cannot use our company name in your domain name in that nature, however you could register a generic domain like (just an example) and create
  11. Hawkhost Brandname

    Hello! Can i use Hawkhost brandname in domain ex: ?
  12. Couple of small Client area questions

    Generally speaking that's correct, "Add Funds" transactions are usually non-refundable. We will make exceptions to this (say you add funds and then a day later decide you've changed your mind) but our official policy is that those payments are non-refundable. That's the best way to sort domains currently. I agree that a filter would be nice so you can completely "remove" expired/canceled domains from the list but unfortunately that's not an option currently so sorting would be the way to go.
  13. Speed up phpbb forum?

    Here's a basic example change username portion with your username. It should state it's adding the test key refresh it then it should say it's a test variable testing Memcached. <?php $memcached = new Memcached(); $memcached->addServer("/home/username/.applicationmanager/memcached.sock",0); $response = $memcached->get("test"); if ($response) { echo $response; } else { echo "Adding test key to Memcached"; $memcached->set("test","This is a test variable testing Memcached"); }
  14. Couple of small Client area questions

    Would there be a way to hide them in the Client Area display? Something like "show only active services" option perhaps. They could remain on the books without bothering someone who just wants to ignore them. ADDITIONAL INFO: I see that in the client area, you can sort the services by "Status". That means you could put the Active ones at the top and dead ones at the bottom, a little more "out of the way".
  15. Couple of small Client area questions

    If you don't mind paying a little ahead of time, you can do this already. Using the "Add Funds" feature in the Client Area you can determine your anticipated charges and send it all in at once, regardless of the expiration dates. I have two separate services and so I just send in one combined payment before the earlier one comes due, and it takes care of the second one a few weeks later.. There are still separate invoices, though. However, that is non-refundable (as I understand it) and you'd be making payments in advance, so you'd want to be sure you were going to renew before doing that.
  16. Couple of small Client area questions

    Good morning! 1) Unfortunately this is not possible, we need to keep the expired domains and services on file for our records / logs. As a result we cannot permanently delete them from your account. 2) We have some flexibility with renewal dates when it comes to hosting services but for domains those renewal dates are fixed by the registry and cannot be modified. What we can do is generate the domain renewal invoices early and manually merge them together. That would require a support ticket as it would be a manual process.
  17. 1) I have some old domains that are long expired (short term projects that no longer are maintained) still visible in my Client area, is there an easy way to get rid of those inactive domains from my client area? 2) Is there a way to consolidate invoices around Domain renewals and hosting? Try and move everything to around the same expiration date maybe? So I send you guys one payment a year basically? Thanks, and keep being as awesome as you always are!
  18. Speed up phpbb forum?

    Changed back to standard phpbb cache. The site got 3 times faster.
  19. Opinion on Site Traffic on Shared Hosting

    I know this question is a bit general and you probably can't give an absolute answer. But as a general ball park recommendation... If someone has an average small business website - say 6 pages, built on WordPress. In terms of monthly visitors, what kind of traffic is shared hosting (let's say the "Professional" tier plan you offer) intended to handle? At what point would it be worth while to really consider an upgrade to one of you higher plans? Just trying to plan ahead, and thought it would be helpful to get an "expert" opinion on how to look at this! Thanks!
  20. Speed up phpbb forum?

    Thanks. I searched google for a test script but I didn´t quite understand it... Do you have a small php script I could test it with? Or maybe enter the code here and I paste it into a test.php
  21. Speed up phpbb forum?

    Added this is phpp config.php $acm_type = 'memcached'; define('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_HOST', 'unix:///home/username/.applicationmanager/memcached.sock'); define('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_PORT', 0); But how do I know if memcached is working? The memcached.sock is zero bytes.
  22. Speed up phpbb forum?

    Phpbb 3.2.2 have been released. Anyone knows how to enable memcached for it? As a minor feature addition, phpBB now also supports Memcached caching. Is there a connection between memcached in php 7.2 and the one in application manager?
  23. Satisfied with your service

    Wow! Thanks for updating this thread and letting us know --- we really appreciate it when people take the time tell us (and others) they've been happy! Here's to hoping for another great 2018. Have a happy New Year -- cheers!
  24. Satisfied with your service

    So it's been 3 years with Hawk Host and there hasn't been a single day where I've been dissatisfied with the service provided. There's nothing more I can say aside from thank you very much to everyone who makes Hawk Host as good as it is.
  25. No ea-php72 ?

    Hello, ea-php* is created by the cPanel team and as of this moment they don't even support PHP 7.2. We're able to offer PHP 7.2 as CloudLinux already supports it which is why it shows up as an option.
  26. No ea-php72 ?

    Hi. I want to change php for a add-on domain, but ea-php72 is not there. I can only choose alt-php72 What´s the difference between ea and alt?
  27. Semi dedicated hosting

    Hello, There is no limit of addon domains -- you can add as many as you like.
  28. Semi dedicated hosting

    Hello, Please I would want know how many domains I can add in semi dedicated hosting. Thanks
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