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  2. More resources?

    We'll take into consideration our process limits but I should mention that realistically no normal use case could a user max out their process limit before hitting memory limits. Here's what you could utilize in both cases: 20 processes - 51.2MB per process 50 processes - 20.48MB per process. We see even the most lightweight Wordpress installation use 30MB per process. Typically installations are over 50MB+ in usage due to the extra plugins being utilized. There can be some memory usage improvements from using PHP 7.1 instead of the typical 5.6 (plugin compatibility continues to be a problem for some users). Unless you're launching a lot of tiny processes that use no CPU/memory I wouldn't even worry about process limits.
  3. It's essentially the same thing for basic Cloudflare functionality, with the cPanel integration you have the convenience of being able to manage all your settings from a single interface. With that said when you activate Cloudflare through cPanel it asks you to create a Cloudflare account which you can also use to login to directly so you still have that option even if you get started through cPanel.
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  5. Should we add the site directly to cloudflare or should we do it via cpanel?
  6. More resources?

    Thanks for the fast reply. They offer 50 concurrent connections and 25 mysql. I/o 5mb. Thanks for the info about caching wordpress. Right now i'm using cloudflare.
  7. More resources?

    I looked on their site and I see no mention of a limit on concurrent connections nor a process limit although I'm sure one is set do you know the limit? As far as our limits we have a limit of 20 processes and 25 MySQL processes on our shared web hosting packages and more than that on our semi dedicated packages. We are always evaluating if our values are appropriate still of course but you also need to remember it's shared web hosting. These limits are in place to create a more stable environment and having extremely high and inappropriate limits could lead to an overall poorer experience even though your control panel may say you have more available resources. The limits we have in place are strictly for PHP, Perl, Ruby, Node.JS, Python etc.. We have extremely high limits on our web servers and you could easily serve over 2000 requests/sec. In our blog post we were able to make a Wordpress site go from 5.46 requests/sec to 1839.98 requests/sec simply by utilizing caching. This strategy could be used on many other web sites as well or even just utilized if you expect a large amount of traffic in a short period of time.
  8. More resources?

    Hi. Compared to other shared hosting you may want to increase concurrent connections? Compared to geek storage. I love hawk host and want to stay!
  9. phpBB3 with Memcached

    We have plenty of users with various applications utilizing memcached. I'd suggest opening a ticket and asking it to be assigned to me and I'll see if I can determine why it's not working. Unfortunately a lot of applications don't give clear instructions how to use memcached feature when the memcached server has to be accessed by socket. Considering the amount of servers where more than one user is on it utilizing ip/port with no authentication is a very bad idea. It would be easy for another user to read and even write data to your memcached instance.
  10. phpBB3 with Memcached

    No i never managed to get this working. On my previous host that gave an IP/port it worked flawlessly and easily but with the set up here I could only get either a slow page load where nothing was being cached (visible by the high number of queries) or where it would just keep loading forever and day it seemed. I just thought it was not worth the effort to get it to work in the end.
  11. phpBB3 with Memcached

    Did you ever get this working?
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  13. Is mod_cloudflare installed?

    We do not utilize mod_cloudflare however as a Cloudflare partner with full cPanel integration all the benefits of mod_cloudflare, including being able to view the visitors real IP address in your logs, is available.
  14. Hi. Is mod_cloudflare installed on your servers?
  15. D00d, what time is it?

    All servers are synced using NTP, in this case the NTP service was stopped so we just had to start it back up. That was a one-off thing as under normal circumstances NTP would be running at all times. We do recommend using 2FA whenever possible
  16. D00d, what time is it?

    Awesome, once again Ryan, kudos to you and your team :-) Looking forward, are all servers typically time synced back to a NTP server somewhere? Is 2 factor ok to use for authentication when it's time synced (for example with WHM)? Thanks!
  17. Wordpress doesn't work.

    It sounds like your domain name may not be pointed to us, or you've installed WordPress in a directory other than your sites document root. It would be best to have our helpdesk team investigate this so they can pull up your account details, login to your services, etc., and get an idea of how you've setup the site. If you haven't already please submit a ticket through and we'll get this figured out for you!
  18. Wordpress doesn't work.

    If need some informations, please tell me.
  19. Wordpress doesn't work.

    I'm a newbie at website construction. I installed the WordPress host, but it doesn't work. The site has not changed. I can't open the WordPress login screen. I don't know how to solve the problem. Can you help me? Thank you
  20. D00d, what time is it?

    Time should now be properly synced on that node, please check your VPS and if it's reporting wrong still a support ticket would be best so we can look into your specific VPS
  21. So was trying to setup 2 factor authentication on my VPS, however wasn't having much luck. On looking into it I noticed the time is off on my VPS, which is a big no-no of course in 2 factor authentication. Or right now it's 2:39UTC on my VPS, but has me at 2:45UTC. Pretty significant for 2 factor. I tried correcting this with NTPD but it wasn't working for some reason. Tried opening firewall ports, no go. Does VPS Time sync only with the host or can I independently configure time? If you need to do it, could I ask you for a time check on dalvz109 please :-) either that or is it typically wise to setup WHM 2 factor authentication on a Virtual server to begin with? Thanks!
  22. > Setup a page for monitoring To minimize any performance hit, you can have a special page anywhere in your site which is of minimal size. 0 size might cause some problems, but anything else should work ok. Or, if you already have a very small page (or even a small image), you could use that. An advantage of that is that if you are doing any sort of accesslog viewing or analysis you can ignore fetches of the monitoring page so you are only looking at "real" traffic.
  23. We have countless customer websites being monitored through services like Uptime Robot / Pingdom / StatusCake on our network and I've never once seen a complaint involving a performance issue as a result of the monitoring. Most of those services will let you choose how you monitor the site, whether it's through ICMP (ping), checking a specific URL (, a specific port, etc. I would be incredibly surprised if you setup an HTML page for monitoring and ended up seeing some performance degradation.
  24. From a hosting perspective, are they any negative side effects of using an uptime monitoring service like Uptime Robot? I assume the server should be able to handle it; but, anecdotally, it would just seem like a bad idea to have someone sitting there hitting refresh every 5 minutes! I'd love to get a "professional" opinion.
  25. Choose HawkHost

    Felt compelled to write a review somewhere after yet another awesome customer service experience with HawkHost. I've been a customer for years, recently upgraded from shared to semi-dedicated service. Both were excellent and the HH team made the transition quick and painless. What I really love is the tech support / customer service. Good service can be hard to come by these days, in favor of chat bots and outsourcing, but every single time I contact HawkHost I get a response VERY quickly and they're always able to help with any issue or question I have. Great job HawkHost. Anybody reading these reviews and wondering which host to choose, look no further.
  26. HTTPS

    Thanks - that worked.
  27. HTTPS

    You'll want to login to cPanel for your hosting plan and navigate to the "Let's Encrypt" interface to install your SSL certificates if they aren't being added automatically. Simply re-directing via .htaccess won't work if there isn't an SSL certificate on the domain already. Our KB article can guide you through this as well:
  28. HTTPS

    Do I have to do anything special to make use of this? Can I just redirect pages via htacess from http to https without doing any other steps? UPDATE: When I try to access my site using Firefox says this: Your connection is not secure The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. Learn moreā€¦ (link to Mozilla explanatory site) Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
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