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  2. What is The Difference?

    Black Friday 2017 Stablehost saleoff 80% 72$ for Plattium Hosting 5GB Ram with 50 Accounts Per Server..
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  4. What is The Difference?

    Yeah, for 30 dollar a month lol Buy semidedicated for 70% discount with hawk host on black friday and add 1gb ram for 5 dollar a month. It will still be cheaper than platinum.
  5. What is The Difference?

    PLATINUM Web Hosting Plans of StableHost have 5GB Ram
  6. What is The Difference?

    Our semi-dedicated hosting plans are similar to shared hosting in terms of features, the benefit of the semi-dedicated plans is they offer double the resources of the shared plans. Shared hosting comes with 1CPU, 1GB RAM, 5Mb/s I/O limits, 500,000 inodes, and the ability to send 500 emails per hour. Semi-dedicated hosting has 2CPUs, 2GB RAM, 10Mb/s I/O, 1,000,000 indoes, 2,000 emails per hour, and backups are taken twice per day. If you have a high traffic site or you find yourself hitting resource limits in shared hosting then semi-dedicated is a good upgrade
  7. What is The Difference?

    I want to know the difference between Shared Web Hosting and Semi Dedicated Hosting
  8. In mid-December, the US Federal Communications Commission will hold a critical vote about the rules for Net Neutrality - about whether ISPs (like Comcast, AT&T, and the like) will be able to divide the internet into "fast" and "slow" lanes, or even censor sites they don't like altogether. These companies are madly trying to acquire content of their own (Comcast owns NBC, AT&T is trying to merge with Time Warner to get hold of all its cable channels). Think they don't want to favor their OWN content over everyone else's? ... Think again. This is big threat to the type of small, independent sites hosted by Hawkhost, such as blogs and small businesses. That in turn threatens the business of Hawkhost and other hosts of small sites, business at its core. If small sites are relegated to the slow lane, or cut off entirely, there won't be as much reason to have them in the first place. Everyone: join the battle to save the free internet which we all have grown to rely on: - call your Congressman and the FCC now! Hawkhost: put notice about this in your blog and Twitter feeds.
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  11. hello ... i am a hawk hosted loyal customer. This is my second domain of hawk host after the first one i consider fail because the rating is not up and down in search engine.hikss..hikss Please help give me hint or backlink on my web for errors not to happen again on this web, so the rating can increase.Thank you
  12. Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    Excellent - explains a lot. I think I'll go down that path too. Appreciate the info! Cheers
  13. Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    Hi. I added sites ditectly through, not through cpanel. And then pointed nameservers to cloudflare. You do not need cpanel plugin for wordpress. But it gives you the best optimized settings for wordpress and it automatically purges pages after you have published and/or edited them.
  14. Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    Thanks Draka..... I think we might be talking at cross purposes. In Cpanel there is a cloudflare option - [ at least on shared hosting - I don't think/know it is available in the reseller... ]- from which you can sign up for and administer your cloudflare account/settings. It gives you the option of setting up one of two ways. see As far as I know - which is not a lot - you don't REQUIRE a cloudflare plug-in for wordpress - although perhaps it optimises it further or is an alternative to the cpanel option. I suspect you are using the full DNS option . For the other, the cname would have needed to be modified with your authority:- ie whilst logged into cpanel or manually by you . Did you have to point you nameservers with your registrar to cloudflare? I think you've answered my question though. I will probably move to the full DNS option after I open a few more services with HawkHost Cheers
  15. Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    I am using these pluging: What do you mean by full or limited? CNAME www is an alias of (the cloud must be orange, not grey) A record: name;; value is the IP. The cloud musy be orange. Works like a charm
  16. Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    Thanks Draka. Are you using the cpanel plug in to manage it? Are you using the "FULL DNS" cloudflare option or the "limited' cname option? Reason I ask - I tried the cname option - Had problems resolving Http / Https :// ; BUT no problems with Http / Https :// In the end I took it down - Was another couple ogf hours before cam back 'online' . was immediatly functional. Weird!
  17. Using Let's encrypt with Cloudflare?

    1. Set SSL to full (strict). Working perfect here. 2. I use litespeed plugin together with cloudflare. I also have the official cloudflare plugin.
  18. Hi, Have severalf Wordpress sites - (all using Litespeed caching). Also have them issued with Let's encrypt certificates. 1) What I'm trying to work out is whether the Certificates/SSL wili work with the basic/free cloud flare service. CloudFlare certainly looks useful both for protection and as a CDN. Tried looking online but there are a heap of older articles about how easy/hard it is so I'm still unclear. 2) If I go with Cloudflare would you recommend/any need to disable Litespeed? (I appreciate they do different things but will I benefit form a local caching service if I'm using a CDN) My Sites are still in the early development phase so I can cancel the certificates and reissue etc. Thanks!
  19. Can't post after change server

    Thank you. This error is due to the database. I can handle it. Thank you :) I sent the ticket and was supported. Thank you. But one suggestion is that the speed of the host is not what I expected. Especially after the server transfer from Hong Kong to Singapore, the page load speed decreased markedly! :(
  20. Can't post after change server

    This could be caused by a few things, unfortunately it's hard to say without looking into your account specifically. Please contact our support department ( and provide us with your WP admin login details so we can replicate & fix this. Thanks!
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  22. Can't post after change server

    I dont speak transformers language But maybe there was something missing during the migration? Something in the database is missing? Updated to the newest wordpress?
  23. Can't post after change server

    Hi all. I have a question about my problem. After I renewed, the server was changed from Hong Kong to Singapore and started to bug: can not post new or new product. Specifically, there is an input box. However, it is still possible to edit old posts. Please help me!
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  25. Litespeed or memcached?

    Thanks. Also found this UPDATE 02.11.17 If you are using Cloudflare, which is not a reverse-proxy, but actually a distributed proxy server, then you do not need to do anything special in your WordPress setup. You can use Cloudflare and leave the CDN tab disabled.
  26. Litespeed or memcached?

    Since you're using Cloudflare there would be no point in having the Litespeed plugin minify anything as Cloudflare will do it for you and not use your CPU cycles like the plugin would.
  27. Ea-php and alt-php

    alt-php versions are the ones that allow extension control which we've offered for a long time. Recently though cPanel introduced their own multi PHP system which while inferior to alt-php in terms of flexibility is offered because users coming from other hosts may have previously been using it. For compatibility reasons we offer the ability to use it as well.
  28. Litespeed or memcached?

    Thanks. Installing litespeed helped. But should we do anything else than just activate it? Minify js etc? Cloudflare is also enabled (cloudflare plugin) which also minify js.
  29. Speed up phpbb forum?

    Hi. Anyone here that have enabled memcache, litespeed or redis with phpbb2 or phpbb3 forum?
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