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  2. Thank you Tony for your reassurance, it will be Amsterdam for me then. I must say it is very encouraging to see the actual CEO so active on a forum.
  3. Our Amsterdam location was unavailable for a short period of time but right now we have plenty of capacity and can easily now add capacity as necessary. You should see an option to order hosting in that location. For the actual migration it's typically best you disable features that there is user input as information will get out of sync. What users typically do is order hosting and then disable their forums, forms etc. and ask for our team to migrate the site. Once our team has migrated the site the user enables the features again on our systems. Then any new data is only added to our systems. Along with that if your host uses cPanel we can migrate accounts in just a few hours typically (unless the host is slow or blocks backups). So you don't even need to worry about domain changes if you don't want to. Your sites sound fine in a shared environment so you shouldn't need to worry about that aspect. They'll be very fast on our servers, I have no doubt about that.
  4. Having fully checked out the Hawkhost website and read through some of this forum I am satisfied Hawkhost should meet my needs and intend to sign up for shared hosting on or around 1st of June. My current provider is Arvixe who were of course bought out by AIG over 2 years ago and since then the service has deteriorated to a point where I am actually prepared to pay a little more for what will hopefully be a better service. So here's my position: I have 2 main websites and a small handful of subdomains, the whole lot is under half a Gb. At the moment one of my main sites is on a subdomain of which is the domain name I have owned for many years, but I intend to register a new name for site 2 because it has "come of age". My audience for both sites predominantly live in UK & Europe so ideally I would like my site to be hosted there. Now is this still possible because I took the liberty of going through the purchasing system weeks ago and the Amsterdam option said FULL although it still seemed to accept my input. Of course I did not actually purchase hosting. If Amsterdam is not available Washington servers tested pretty good to my local also. Second & last is Formtools. Whilst I accept that Hawkhost can easily transfer my files & databases etc. I am wondering if having 2 installations of that software on different servers for up to a month whilst I am migrating will effect my form submissions because I have no experience of that. I am assuming that deactivating forms on site A will still allow submissions on site B if the whole thing is cloned. My needs are relatively small and I don't overburden servers or require Wordpress or other such resource gobbling addons because I can design & build my own websites and am always mindful of size & speed. I have a combined monthly page load of under 10,000 all of which are lightweight although do use shtml where needed and restrict page caching to some extent. I hardly use domain name emails as I prefer Googles service.
  5. At this time it's not possible to change the configuration of memcached.
  6. Okay now its working, thanks for quick reply Can we increase 64MB restriction to 200MB for memcached ???
  7. We switched from utilizing randomized ports for users to using a unix socket on user accounts. Any application that supports Memcached should allow for unix sockets the same way it can use ports. You'd use the address: unix://(socket location we give you) We'll have someone from our team update the image to reflect the unix socket change. We missed that while updating the blog post to mention it's handled using sockets.
  8. I was just trying to configure memcached with w3totalcache but there is no port mentioned under the interface. Hawkhost tutorial i followed >> Interface should show port like this right ??? Please help
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  10. A dedicated server is a whole server just for you. A VPS is similar, but you are sharing the physical server with other Virtual servers. In either case, what you get is: - a certain amount of memory - a share of the physcial CPU - an operating system and that's about it. After that it's up to you to install the software you want or need, and administer and run that server. I think you'll find the descriptions of VPS offerings of other providers similar to those at Hawkhost. Shared and reseller hosting comes with lots of software to run a website (Lightspeed, cPanel, mail software, etc.). A VPS can do that, but the software isn't there for you, unless you request or install it. A VPS can also just be file server, or something else, too.
  11. Hi, I am new here.. but of course not new in hosting environment, in my previous experience I get to know more detail about the server that we get before purchase I am new in vps type of hosting, but I didn't find any technical detail about the vps plan itself for example, in frontpage of vps, it mention Equal share CPU, what is that even mean? how about detail of other resources? such as process entry, http/2, litespeed, security protection,inode, I/O.. few of them are sold separately like WHM and litespeed, but where to look and get more detail about this? I find in knowledge-base but nan article was found please help, thanks
  12. Hello, I can't make any guarantees on this but maybe this will put you in the right direction. We utilize Litespeed and I've seen a few ways thrown around on how to do this: <FilesMatch "\.(gif|png|jpe?g|svg|svgz|ico|webp)$"> SetEnvIf Origin ":" IS_CORS Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" env=IS_CORS </FilesMatch> <FilesMatch "\.(ttf|ttc|otf|eot|woff|font.css|css|woff2)$"> Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" </FilesMatch> So in this case they're doing it for specific types. There is also a discussion on the Litespeed forums on other ways to accomplish this:
  13. Long story short, I wanted to fetch some PDF's and tear them apart for information. Anyone tried this yet on PHP or Java? IText was one gadget I found that looked fairly promising. But wondering what else people have come up with. Thanks!
  14. Expanding on Brian a smidge, you may want to think about getting a reseller account in a situation like this, then moving your client in (I'm sure Hawkhost will let them move in under you), this way you have a "Alpha" account that lets you log into all your clients and install anything you want, such as Wordpress, that way one set of users and passwords you keep alone can do all you want. Clients still get their own users and passwords that keep them in their own realm. Disclaimer: I'm only a customer of hawkhost, but been in the industry a crap ton. P.S. now that I've done your suggestive up selling for you Brian, where do I send my invoice :-p
  15. Hello, I'm trying to perform CORS requests but everytime I try I face this error: Cannot load "services provider site". Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'my domain' is therefore not allowed access. I tried modifying the js code of my site, I tried modifying the .htacces but nothing. I entered the Access-Control-Allow-Origin in many different ways. Is there a way to modify the server settings and configure the requests header? How can I modfy my requests' header? Thank you very much for your help
  16. Hello -- if you're able to login to cPanel for this account then you can use our one-click software installer 'Softaculous' to complete your WP install. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and everything will be handled for you as far as the initial installation is concerned.
  17. Hey there! I have a client with hosting with HawkHost and this is my first time using your service. In the backend, I'd like to install WP so I can work from there but I'm not seeing how to do that... It could be that it's late and I'm having a blonde moment. Thanks in advance! URL is: Rita
  18. You'll need to create an email account to send from then since you're not using the mail() function then you're probably best to utilize a mailing library. Here are a few examples of them: If it's a third party application a lot of them already can interface with SMTP. You just need to tell them the SMTP server and a username and password.
  19. Hi, What is the best way have a PHP script to send a message by SMTP?
  20. Based on the deepstream installation instructions you'd require your own server so it would not be possible to deploy it on a shared hosting account.
  21. Hello, I just curious is there any way I can deploy deepstream on shared hosting?
  22. Hi there! Unfortunately at the moment Django isn't fully supported in our shared / reseller / semi-dedicated hosting environments. You may be able to get it working however it would likely be buggy or not function as you'd expect. We've been working on a native implementation for Django though so hopefully within the coming months it will be available
  23. Since, I'm working on Django platform for web application. So, I need a platform to host my web applications. It will be great if the current shared hosting could provide option to host Django application.
  24. Looks like a similar solution to phpbb where they refer to the php memcached extension as Libmemcached. As for checking if it's working you'd be best to open a ticket. Although for most applications if it's not working they typically end up hanging or throwing an error.
  25. Thanks for the reply. I think I have sorted it, by using libmemcached, instead. Could you check to see in the logs if it working am on ams201 - overclan? $config['cache']['backend'] = 'Libmemcached'; $config['cache']['backendOptions'] = array( 'compression' => false, 'servers' => array( array( 'host' => '/home/USERNAME/.hostdata/memcached.sock', 'port' => 0, ) ) );
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